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Kassy has added Nate,JJ,Jack,Sammy,and Chris to Kassy is daddy asf💦😫🤘🏻

Chris- I fuckin hate all of you🖕🏻

Sammy- Hell no I'm daddy💯

JJ- Love you too Chris❤️

Kassy- FOH Sam I'm the real daddy😏

Jack- Lowkey is. she dominates me in bed all the time😂

Nate- Damn yo girl is in charge of you😂

Chris- Nate sthu



Sammy- DAMNN

Nate- Fuck all of you

Nate left the conversation

Kassy added Nate to the conversation

Nate- God dammit Kassy

Chris- Calm down babe

Chris- Where the fuck is JJ?

Kassy- ion fuckin kno

JJ- I'm here bitches

Sammy- Y'all wanna smoke?

Chris- FUCK YA

Nate- I could take another one

JJ- Sure

Jack- You already kno

Kassy- I've never smoked before.......😳

Chris- I got chu fam😌

  25 mins later..

Sammy-Jack yo girl lit asf😂

Jack- I know😂

Kassy- Y'all need to stfu for we fight

JJ- Where the hell is Nate and Chris

Sammy- They gettin it on I can hear it from upstairs😷

Kassy- 😂😂💀

Sammy sent a voice message

Jack-Eww why tf did you send them fuckin

Kassy- Babe we've never had high sex💦

Jack- Shi Ima leave my girl calling me
23 days until Jack and Jack😫

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