Chapter 19 - Our night

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“It’s my mum. She wanna tell us something.” Dodo said and put the phone on the table.

“Hello girls.” A female voice said.

“Hello Mrs. Wellington. Nice to hear you.” I said.

“Hello.” Nicola said shy, because it’s the first time that she speaks with Doreen’s mum.

“Katia I miss you. Hope to see you soon again. And Nicola nice to hear you.” She replied. “But now I’ve to tell you something bad…”

“It has something to do with Kim, hasn’t it?” Dodo asked.

“Yes.” Her mum took a breath and then she began to tell us the whole story about Kim. “We were not far away, as we saw this man. We have seen him often at the hotel and so Alec talked with him. He told Alec, that he was searching for a girl. We said that we also search a girl, maybe it’s the same. We talked about an hour with the man and got much information. This man wasn’t a stranger. Girls, you know him, it’s the man who pursues and bothers Kim...”

“What? Why did you talked to him?!” I asked.

“Don’t worry. It’s another story, like you think.” Doreen’s mum replied. “This man lost his daughter. Someone kidnapped her 15 years ago, as she was 2 years old. Her dad thought she already died, but last year he saw a girl who has similarities with his daughter. The same eyes, nose and mouth. He wanted to find out, who is this girl. And so he followed her and found as much information as he could about her out. Then he noticed that she was afraid of him, because the girl noticed that he followed her. But he wanted to find out, if she is his daughter. The girl was so afraid of him that she moved away. It took him a long time, till he found out where she was going, it was India. He found out in which hotel she lives and so he moved also to India. He wanna meet her and so the man came everyday to the hotel, but never met her yet…”

“Oh. But what’s the end?” Nic asked.

“The story has no end… The girl, I’m talking about, is none else as Kim. And the man who you think pursues and bothers her, is her real dad. The man who you think is her dad, is in reality a kidnapper…. But Kim didn’t know it…”

“Oh my god.” I was in shock. I often visited Kim and her dad was there too. He was really kind and nice, a lovely person. How could someone like him be a kidnapper?

“And you’re sure that it’s true?” I asked Dodo’s mum.

“Yes, totally. Because he showed us some pics of his daughter and they really look like Kim.” She answered.

“Ah ok. But what are you going to do now?”

“Well, we wanna talk with Kim.”

“That’s good. Please call us, after you have spoken with her!” Dodo said.

“Of course darling.” Her mum replied.

“So take care and I love you.”

“You too. Much love also from your dad.”

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