unhappy morning

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Sasuke was the first to wake up but he was ticked off at the same time as he was annoyed and jumped out of bed and got ready for school it'd been years since he last saw his Kitsune and he was now 18 years old a senior on high school.

Once finished getting ready in his new uniform since it was his second day as a senior he left to the kitchen as he was finished getting ready for school then headed to the kitchen to get him a light snack before grabbing his bag then waited at in the living room.

Soon Sasukie came around as he grabbed his self a bottle of water and walked over to Sasuke "morning twin" he says as he stretches before smiling at his brother "well some slept on the wrong side of the bed mor....ning" he was cut off as Sasuke punched him lightly in the chest "hurry up were gonna be late for school" he says walking toward the door "w-w-wait I didn't even eat breakfast yet Sasuke hold on" sasukie, wined "don't worry Sakura will share her lunch with you" Sasuke teased as he slipped his shoes on and kept walking "no I choose life" Sasukie says getting his shoes on as he had his book bag hanging on his shoulder as his was also holding his water bottle before following Sasuke out side the house on there way to school.

Once on there way to school Sasuke and Sasukie they ran into gaara "hey gaara" Sasukie says "hi" was all Sasuke said as he continued walking "hello" gaara says as he didn't seem to mind what so ever as he stayed silent actually gaara recommended that it stated silent instead of loud but school just doesn't do it for him. So the three soon found neji who was giving a little girl a lolly pop and telling her to run along to her mother as she smiled hugged him and ran over to her smiling mom "hey nej never new you had a soft heart like that" Sasukie says smiling, "oh shut up it was out of kindness I'm always this way and don't call me nej" neji says as he glared at Sasukie who just laughed.



Two girls yelled as Sasuke and Sasukie moved out the ways as Sakura pounced on neji instead while ino hit the floor "hi girls" Sasukie says whole Sasuke didn't says anything as he just walked around them and headed inside the school building Sasukie followed behind as he wasn't going to be left behind they had a knew, locker which ment he had to move threw a new hallway in a new crowed so he wanted to stay close to his twin.

While making it to there locker they they got just yesterday they opened only to see a note as they looked at each other Sasuke and sasukie looked at each other but shrugged Sasuke grabbed the note and went to there homeroom first. While sitting in the empty class room they opened it as it read.


Dear Sasuke and sasukie

There something coming up so we are coming back soon there are gonna be two new people at your school in 2 days please treat them kindly I'm putting them on your hands.

Plus also you should know them already cause you've net them see ya


Sasuke looked at sasukie as he didn't know and just shrugged sasukie did the exact same thing as he smiled "I wonder what she ment by that" sasukie says "and how can you tell if it's a he or a she that wrote this" Sasuke asks "cause guys never have beautiful hand writing like a girls plus also it has a heart in front of love" sasukie says.

"Guys can have good handwriting to but the heart does explain it" Sasuke says as he sighed and rolled his eyes as he puts the note away as he leaned on his elbow as he sighed again "you miss him don't you" sasukie asks as he looked at his twin who was now covering bis face "shut up you miss him" Sasuke says as he looked at his twin who was blushing and not making eye contact, "what ever" sasukie says as he hid his face in his arms as he was to embarrassed to to even bother look up.

"Sasukie-kun Sasuke-kun what's wrong" they were a soft voice but they weren't gonna look up no matter what until there faces calmed down "were fine just tired" sasukie says as he kept his head down "what that's u normal of you two to be tired what happened....." Sakura was cut by Sasuke as he spoke "don't matter leave is alone" Sasuke says. Sakura got worried but left them alone but then stopped in her tracks as she smiled to her self "do you guys fall for me hmm" she asks trying to look cute "shut up that's not the case" sasukie says looking up at Sakura and Sasuke did the exact same both regretting it at the same time as Sakura was still, trying to act cute "oh ya then why are you blushing that a sighed to see" Sakura says smirking "no were just sick is all" Sasuke says as he fake coughed and Sasukie cough also playing along with sasuke.

"Oh you poor things how can I help" Sakura asks conserved "let's rest for now insure we'll get better soon" sasukie says as he lays his head down same with Sasuke as they didn't face the pinonette who left the room in a panic "that was close" sasukie says "I like girls and all but she's annoying I see why you don't like her" he says again, not looming up what so ever as his twin who nodded "ya she gets on my nerves quiet a lot" Sasuke replies as the two looked at each other. Sasukie smiled and Sasuke just smirked.


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