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The next several days passed by rather slowly. Harry was completely slammed at the studio, staying late nights in order to finish Clara's first album. Louis also found himself working late hours, due to the fact that he was short a supervisor, who had unforunately been arrested under drug charges only a few days ago.

Mila's hair was pulled into a tight knot on the back of her head, eyebrows knitted together in concentration as she shuffled through the stacks of paper work on her desk. Anette sat opposite her, organizing the loose papers that Mila tossed aside from the stack.

"This is such a mess. If we can't get all this shit together in the next few days, I think I might drop dead. Marylane is ridiculous with these new book orders." Mila snapped, her voice laced with annoyance as her head throbbed erratically. It was a Thursday night, at the library had already been closed several hours, as it was nearing midnight. Lucky for her, Anette had graciously offered to stay and help as much as she possibly could, regardless of the fact that she had an eight AM class the following morning.

Unfortunately, due to their extremely conflicting schedules as well, Mila and Harry hadn't spoken in days. Mila was beginning to worry that maybe, just maybe, Harry wasn't even slightly interested in her, despite the special moments they shared not too long ago, one of them being on the very desk she was currently working at.

"So, who'se the curly-haired fuck you've been sneaking around with?" Anette suddenly wondered, causing Mila's breath to hitch in her throat.

"Uh, excuse me?" Mila asked, finding it suddenly rather difficult for her to breathe.

"Babe, don't pretend like you don't know who I'm talking about. He's got hair, quite longer than yours, curly as fuck? Probably over six-foot tall?" Anette pressed.

"Uh, er, are you talking about Harry..?" Mila innocently wondered. Anette grinned slightly, pursing her lips together in satisfaction.

"Ah, so his names Harry. How lovely."

"How do you know about him?" Mila questioned. The only time her and Harry had been out in public together was at the bakery and here, at the library after hours...

"Look, this may be kind of awkward, but you do know the library has cameras, right? Lucky for you, yesterday Marylane told me that over the weekend, the alarm had been triggered and that someone had entered the library. She figured it was an employee, but she asked me to check the cameras just to verify." Anette began.

"All I'm saying is, you're really fucking lucky she asked me to look at the tapes. If she would've saw you and pretty-boy doing that kinky shit on this desk, you would've been fired."

Mila blinked back several embarressing tears, a lump rising in her throat as she cautiously avoided Anette's awkward glare.

"Thanks for saving my ass, Anette." Mila replied lowly, her voice full of embarressment.

"I must say, I am a bit jealous. He looks hot as fuck. Good for you, babe." Anette simply replied, removing her gaze from Mila as she filed the paper work and rose from her seat.

"It's nearly midnight, I best be going. I've got an early class tomorrow, so I don't want to be completely dead. Good night, Mila." 

"Thanks so much, Anette. Night." Mila whispered, loudly enough for Anette to hear.

Mila didn't end up back at the boys apartment until nearly one in the morning, only to have to wake up a seven the next morning for work again.

She shuffled in through the front door to be greeted by darkness, the only light eruupting from the television set. As she rounded the sofa, she saw a messy mop of overgrown curls sprawled out across the leather, his jade eyes screwed shut in peaceful sleep.

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