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math class turned out to be a total drag. kassie kept giving death staggers across the room and so did taylor. the wallflower from before sat by me, interrogating if i was dating hayes which i am not. hayes wasn't in class which is odd since he usually ditches after lunch. i mean like i care if he did....just never mind.

anyway, after math, there was chemistry and english which i had the most attention. people treated me almost like a celeb well at least that's how it felt. just from that party, my bottom feeder fame turned to at least a jellyfish- huge upgrade.

"what is the mystery slop today?" i sighed under my breath.

"i think it's lasagna." someone whispered to me. my tray started to slip through my finger and i let out a huge snort.

"haha, sorry." i said, looking up at the anger lunch lady. the person who almost gave me bleeping heart attack was hayes grier. bleeping hayes grier.

"i will stab you if you ever do that again." i threatened. my hands cover my chest as my lungs begged for air.

his face was red from laughing so much. once he was finished laughing at a witnessing of a total flop, he stared me in the eyes with a cheeky smile. i tried to play like i was mad but he's just simply too cute to resist. did i really just think that? oh my gosh, who am i?



"you owe me a lunch." i pointed my finger at him sternly. his hands flew up innocently.

"fine, fine. hey, lucy." he shouted at the lunch lady who almost pulled me from the other side to beat me up. totally over exaggerating here but hey, she would of. her eyes held this sparkle of a kid as she turned to hayes. another cougar? why are adults obsessed with the griers?

"yes, hayes." she batted her dusty lashes. i looked at her with total disgust. this woman would probably kiss his feet if he asked her to. she was legit fangirling. hunny, don't you know that you fluster over guys your own age not teens.

"can i get two trays?" he winked at her.

oh, gosh, i'm going to puke.

she pranced away. he gazed over at me, looking me up and down then taking a long stare at my face. i glanced away, trying to avoid any eye contact with him. heat rushed to my cheek and suddenly my feet became really intriguing. a chuckle fell under his breathe. i caught a glismped of him turning back towards the counter and assumed it was safe to look ahead.

"thanks lucy." he thanked while showing his impressive pearly whites. her cheeks turned a powder pink as she nodded. she gave me an evil glare then turned back to smile at hayes and off she went.

"seem like a made a new enemy." i joked, reaching for the tray. he snagged it back.

"oh, you thought this was for you."

a girl is hungry here. can we please cut the jokes until i have at least something inside me. okay, that sounds weird.

"hayes, come on." i begged, struggling to reach for the tray. he just rose it higher and higher so i just gave up.

"quitter." he laughed.

words started to roll off my tongue until someone intruded.

"birthday boy, hurry up and come to the table."

i peeked over hayes's shoulder and i could see her smile quickly fade when she saw me. kassie, the one and only with my arch nemesis, meghan, but now they seem to trade roles or share them. 

"hayes, it's your birthday?" i questioned.

"yes, you idiot. who doesn't know that?" meghan scowled.

obviously me, duh. told you she has no brains.

this is your prime example of a fake. she literally shaded kassie online but now they've become best friends. get out, please.

as he was fixing to walk away, i grabbed his arm.

"happy birthday hayes." i smiled and stroked his arm unintentionally. he smiled and a little red appeared in his face.

"thanks maya." he handed me one of the trays and one of the forks "accidentally" dropped. he bent down and quickly came back up a landed a kiss on my cheek. did anyone see that? oh my gosh, i'm going to puke, again. wait, no, even worse, this is just butterflies. someone help me please!

i watched as hayes and the fake duo walked away to their normal spot. did he just kiss me? a loud thud was heard in the lunchroom and food spattered everywhere,

"maya!" the lunchlady shouted.



this chapter was somewhat dedicated to hayes's birthday . happy birthday babycakes ! honestly, just stop growing old. ilysm <3 have an amazing day love, don't do anything illegal !

(sorry for the short chapter)

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