(12/12/14)i suggest you skip to like the 10th or 11th imagine.Its for your own sake.Cuz the first ten or nine were crap.

Imagine #1

You were walking home from school when you saw your boyfriend Jason kissing another girl.You just stood there with tears in your eyes when finally he looked up.

Jason:Oh my god (y/n) I can explain


You screamed and started running home.you bumped in to some one then you looked up and saw this really cute boy looking at you with his hazel eyes


Him:Its ok ......what's wrong,are you ok????

You:I'm fine don't worry about it

You started to walk away when he grabbed your hands and spun you around

Him:No it's not fine....there is obviously somthing wrong ,you can trust me even if you just met me .......oh and almost forgot my name is Austin....so you wanna tell me what's wrong???

You started to cry even harder.Austin hugged you

You:I saw my boyfriend kissing another girl

Austin:I already hate him.Why would he do that to a beautiful girl like you???

You finally smiled and he smiled to

You:hide he is coming this way

Austin:What's his name?????

You:Jason .....Why????

Austin:Just watch...............HEY JASON LOOK OVER HERE

Jason looked at Austin's direction

Suddenly Austin's lips crash into your without hesitation you kissed back.You both pulled back and looked at Jason .He stormed off with an angry look on his face

You:Wow..............umm....my names is (Y/N)

Austin:Well (y/n) do you wanna go to the movies Friday???

Austin had a huge smile in his face

You:That would be great

You guys exchanged numbers and texted all night .when you finished talking with austin you fell asleep with a smile on your face

This was a start of a perfect relationship


I hope you enjoyed comment I you like it or not .if you did I will keep posting more imagines hopefully the other ones I will put will be better