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rey the trash can: so i've been thinking

dyl: this can't be good

rey the trash can: hey!

dyl: i was joking. what were you gonna say?

rey the trash can: that we should meet up

dyl: i like that idea :)

rey the trash can: see i can be smart

dyl: not very often

rey the trash can: i will not take offence to that

dyl: that's the spirit!

rey the trash can: bmth

dyl: whut

rey the trash can: nvm

dyl: so i'll pick you up at 12 tomorrow?

rey the trash can: sounds like a plan

dyl: :)


@alltimerey: wait? what are we doing tomorrow? @dylanobrien?

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@user: @alltimerey @dylanobrien wait? what?

@user: @alltimerey @dylanobrien is this the rey you were talking about at comic con?

@user: @alltimerey @dylanobrien otp

@dylanobrien: @alltimerey can't tell you that

@user: @alltimerey @dylanobrien i ship it

@user: @alltimerey @dylanobrien #reylan



rey.rey: you're playing with matches and i have a paper heart

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user: dylan?

user: show us your face bc you is bootiful

user: @user no she ain't lol

user: ^^ jealous

jashunt: slut. put ur boobs away

user: @jashunt she's not even showing her boobs wtf

taylonrichards: @user lmao she's still a slut

user: ^ are these the old 'friends'

rey.rey: @user too right

user: @taylonrichards @jashunt lmao pls leave

jashunt: @user what's a twelvie like you gonna do?

user: @jashunt i'm 24

taylonrichards: she's not worth standing up for lol


sorry for the shitty filler chapter. it took me a while to update so i had to write something. the next one will be longer :)

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