Chapter Three

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Chapter Three:

I walk into the kitchen and see my parents, talking and smiling. Not wanting to disturb their private, happy moment I tip toe around them to get to the fridge for something to eat.

“Lani! Sweetie, you're home!” my mom says. She hasn’t seem what I look like yet...

"Lani," I turn at my father's voice. "Dear God, what happened?"

“I fell on my wrist a few times and I got hit with a football.”

"By who? I will be having a word with the school-"

"Dad," I cut him off and give him a pointed look. "Don't phone the school, They didn't mean it, he even said sorry."

“He who?”

"Just a boy," I turn my head away so they can't see my blush. Instantly my mum coos.

“Mom!” I exclaim.

"That's adorable! Who was he? Tell me everything," she takes my arm and leads me to a seat. My father scowls at her but I can see the amusement in his eyes.

“I was sitting outside under a tree during a free period,” I am not going to tell her why I really was outside during lunch and not with Owen. “I closed my eyes, taking in some of the sun and the next thing I know, I'm hit in the face with a football and my nose is bleeding.” I say. “He asked me if I was okay and I said I was fine. He said I was bleeding and he brought me to the nurse's office and then walked me to class.” I also am not going to tell her about my teacher... “His name is Elliott Spencer and he's a senior.”

"A senior?" I can see her eyes twinkle in amusement. "How kind of him."

"Yeah," my dad grunts, "real nice of him. As long as he don't come any closer. Where's your other half then? You two are normally joined at the hip around this time."

“He had to stay late at school.” I lie.

"Oh, okay." My dad smiles. "How was school besides the accidents?"

“Boring.” I lie again. Its technically not a lie....just not the whole truth.

"Really?" I nod. "Well, okay." He looks at me closely. "Is there something wrong?"

“I almost left wrist is broken…”

"What?" My dad looks up from his paper and stares at me. "How did that happen? I thought you said you fell over?"

“I landed on it.”

"You can't land on your wrist that hard to break the bone," my dad says, but he doesn't seem too sure. "Can you?" He looks at my mum for confirmation. She purses her lips and looks down at me, she knows it didn't happen by accident.

“I fell on it twice.”

She still doesn't look convinced. "Yes, it can happen," she tells my dad. When he nods and looks down she mouths 'we are talking later.' I feel like telling the truth that I was tripped…

I nod. “Can we go get a cast please?”

She nods and takes her keys off the counter. "Coming, sweetie?" My dad looks up and smiles. "You want to stay here and watch the game don't you?" My mum dead panned his smile. He nods weakly.

"It's fine," I tells her. "We can talk on the way there..." She smiles and we head out and get in her car.

The first five minutes of the journey are silent, the only sound coming from the radio. I wait for her to ask me questions. It isn't until we are ten minutes away from the hospital that she turns the radio down and looks at me expectantly.

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