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Pen Your Pride

I've Been A Very Bad Babysitter Restricted Part Of Chapter 21

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WARNING::: Only read if over the age 18. A mature audience only

I feel my whole body start to shake as he takes his hands and runs them softly under my shirt on my bare skin. " I want to lose control with you." He leans in and kisses my neck. " You're body feels so good in my hands."

I arch my back as he rougly pulls my body into his. " Your hands.. they feel like magic."

He bites his bottom lip and lets out a moan as my body grinds harder into his. " I can make everyday feel like magic if you would let me." Then he grabs my face and pulls it to his. He opens his mouth and takes control of mine as our lips move in perfect rhythm. I feel his strong hands starting to explore my body and I feel my whole body shiver at the feel of his fingertips moving softly under my bra line.

I lean in and bite his bottom lip. " Take control of me. I can't take the torture anymore."

He looks me in the eye and slowly pulls my shirt over my head.  He leans in and kisses my stomach softly making his way to under my breast.

 I can tell that he's hesitant at how far I am really willing to go, so I take his hand and put it on the back of my bra. " Please.. just have me."

He gives me a sexy grin and then places his hands roughly on my sides and picks me up setting me on the ground so that he's leaning over me. " Once I start.. I'm going to lose control. Are you sure that you're ready?"

I look up at him and just nod my head wanting him to just take me and end my torture. I have dreamed of this moment since the day that I laid eyes on his sexy body.

He leans in and places his lips on my stomach while running a hand on my inner thigh. I feel my leg shake as his hand moves closer and closer to the outside of my panties. Then before I can even take another breath, his hands quickly grip my skirt and  slowly starts pulling it down while running his lips all the way down my legs with it. I put my head back and let out a moan as his hand trails down my stomach and inside the top of my panties. Then he leans back over me and presses his body in between my legs. " You taste so good." Then he takes his hands and squeezes the outside of my thighs and he softly puts his mouth back on mine. I open my mouth once again to taste the sweetness of his tongue as it slowly massages mine with so much want that I feel like we're both about to explode any minute.

I reach my shaking hands up and start tugging on his shirt. " I need this off." He leans back and lets me strip him of his shirt. My breath gets caught as i take in his sexy body. Breathe... Just breathe..

He gives me a cocky grin as he watches me check out his perfect body. " It's even better when you touch it." Then he grabs my hands and pulls them to his body. Heaven..  He smiles at me and then pulls me in his lap so that my legs straddle him. Then he puts his hands behind my back and un snaps my bra. He runs his hands over my bare back and then pulls my body against his and pulls my bra away, so that my breast are pressing against his bare chest. Then he takes his hands and runs them on my inner thigh and outside of my panties. I put my head back and moan as he places his lips on my neck while slowly rubbing his hand over my pleasure spot. I can feel his touch perfectly through my thin panties as it gets warmer from his touch. He starts kissing my neck harder as his finger slowly slides inside my panties and slowly massages my pleasure.

My legs start to tremble around his strong firm body as his finger easily slides inside of me. I let out a loud moan both due to the pleasure and excitement that I feel from his large bulge poking me from through his pants. " I squeeze him with my trembling legs and let out a whine. " Take your pants off. I want to feel you Kale."

He pulls way from me and stands up. Then he grabs my hand and helps me to my knees. " Take them off baby."

I feel my heart beating so hard that I can't even breathe anymore as my hands reach up to take his pants off. I slowly pull his pants down while running my hands over his muscular legs. Then I look back up and kiss his stomach right above his boxer briefs. I can feel his hge hardness pressing against my neck as I kiss his stomach and lower his boxer briefs just enough to excite me. Then next thing I know I feel his strong arms yanking me up.

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