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     IF THE PACK EXPECTED ANYTHING, they expected June and Quil's lips to never part from one another. It was as if the couple were now permanently attached to one another, and the both of them were completely fine with it.

     Jake's appearance in Emily's home had been decreasing day by day, especially when he walked in to find Quil tickling June's sides while her laughter rang in the air. It was incredibly difficult to see June so happy with Quil, even though he knew the imprint bond was the cause for most of it.

     "Say it again." Quil was hovering over June, hands propped up on both sides of her head as she smiled up at him.

     "Which part? The one where I call you an asswipe or the one where I tell you your hair looks like crap today?"

     He snorted, lips pulling into a frown. "I was going to say the part where you tell me I'm dashingly handsome, but-"

     His statement was cut off by June's abrupt laughter. She covered her face with her hands as she giggled at Quil's confident statement.

     "Quil," Sam's voice rang throughout the house. The couple looked up from their spot on Emily's couch at the alpha. "When can you two find somewhere else to hang out?"

     "We would, but we know you love us, Sam, so we choose to stay here," Quil grinned. Sam wasn't smiling back.

     Sam rolled his eyes, pointing to the kitchen. "It's almost dinner. If you're not staying, you should leave."

     "Ouch," June muttered, fingers tapping at the back of Quil's neck. "Guess we're not wanted here. Such a shame, Quil."

     "Truly," he hummed in agreement, but proceeded to continue kissing her. He heard Sam's groan in the doorway and his footsteps pad back to the kitchen.

     They didn't break apart until a loud howl filled the night sky. Quil's back immediately stiffened, and Sam was already out the door. Quil scrambled off of June and ran outside, panic in his eyes. June had never heard the call for help before, and she couldn't help but wonder what had happened.

     Emily peeked her head in. Although she tried her best to cover it, anyone could see the worry spread across her features. "Would you like to join me for dinner, June? They might not be back for a while."

     The girl was still trying to recover from what just happened. "Did someone get hurt?" She asked, fear in her eyes. She knew it wasn't Quil, but the pack were his brothers now. If one of them get hurt, all of them do.

     "No," Emily assured with a shake of her head. "That was a different call. Vampires on the land, I think."

     June tensed at the mention of their archenemy. Ever since her discovery of this new world before her, she was seeing everything in a different light. It helped sometimes — it caused her to be more careful during the night, but it also brought her extreme terror as to what could happen to her or even worse, Quil.

     Both women were silent as they ate dinner together. Emily would glance at the door every few seconds, and June would tap her fingers on the table when she started to worry. Quil never told her if a pack member had been injured before, but she sure didn't want to see the start of it.

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