Detained: the Prologue

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“You got arrested?”

Man, my mom sounds pissed.  I looked down at my dirty sneakers and kicked the white tile of our kitchen.  ‘Arrested’ isn’t quite the word for it.  I mean, it wasn’t like I was in handcuffs or anything.  In fact, the cop even let me sit up in front on the way home.  “I was more or less detained,” I corrected her slowly, looking anywhere but at my mom.

Mom turned beet red.  Shit.  I need to start learning to keep my mouth shut.  “You were sneaking around at two in the morning with Rupi, and you were detained,” she seethed slowly.  I bit my tongue and nodded twice.  “What the hell were you doing out of bed at two in the morning?”

“Getting detained, for the most part.”

“Chess.”  Mom put her hands up to her faces and rubbed her eyes.  Her shoulders sank from defeat, but she was still pissed off.  “Just...go to your room.  Go to your room and stay there.”  She turned to the liquor cabinet, probably to drown out the fact that she regretted birthing her youngest daughter.

“As you wish, Mom,” I replied cheerfully, bouncing out of the room.  I jogged up the narrow stairs, a door opening just as I landed on the top floor.

Noelle peeked her head out of her bedroom door.  She caught my gaze and raised an eyebrow.  “You’re such an asshole,” my older sister scoffed, shaking her head.  “Mom’s going to have an aneurysm and die one of these days, and it’s going to be your fault.”

I paused at her door.  “How?  I was just out enjoying my youth,” I defended innocently, raising my hands in the air.

“And just how were you enjoying your youth?”  Noelle challenged.

I bit my lip and checked to see if Mom was coming up the stairs.  When I was solid that she was still drinking in the kitchen, I leaned closer and breathed, “Rupi’s asshole boyfriend dumped her yesterday and we decided that his car needed a little touch up.”  I reached into my pocket and produced my house key, which has car paint chipping lacing the top of it.

Noelle stared at it before her eyes flickered up to me.  “Aneurysm,” she emphasized before closing her door.

I put the key back in my pocket and went into my room.  I kicked my pants off and tossed my phone onto the bed before hurling my jacket in the direction of my desk chair.  I curled up under the blankets and pressed 1 on speed dial.  Rupi answered on the first ring.  “Are you grounded?” She immediately asked.

“I have no idea,” I whispered.  “How about you?”

“Only Matt is home, remember?  He’s not going to tell my parents.”  Tommy was a young musician who moved into the city to find his dreams.  So far, he found a room at Rupi’s apartment and an underpaid job at the nearby art gallery.

Soon after I hung up, I hid my phone under my mattress.  I flicked the bedside light off and snuggled into my pillow, the moon casted a white light through my bedroom window.  I could hear Noelle murmuring to whatever boyfriend she snuck inside her room, and they laughed quietly.  It took not much longer for me to slowly drift off to sleep.

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