I fell to my knees and sobbed, "how did this happen?" I cried into my hands, staring at the beaten Walker whom used to be my brother.

"We... We didn't shoot him, when we buried him.. I guess nobody could exactly do it.. He must have walked out here after he turned"

"Wh-why wouldn't you shoot him!? You think you were wasting bullets on a little boy! He was in pain.. Why--- why couldn't you have done that for me? Now he.. He had to turn into some.. Some monster! Because of you! And somebody must have brutally beat him because of that." I yelled, pointing to his caved in head, and chunks taken out of his arms and legs. Not to mention his wide open stomach with rotting intestines spilling out.

"I am so sorry Skylar" Carl mumbled, putting a hand on my back.

I smiled slightly and stood up again. "He's something else now. He wouldn't have wanted me to cry over him like this. I need to stay strong"

Carl nodded and grabbed my raw wrist, tugging me away from Joel's decomposing flesh and bones.

"I just wonder who did it" Carl sighed, trudging through the forest a little faster.

"What do you mean?" I whispered, a little shocked he had brought it up again.

Carl stopped walking and turned to face me, "those beatings are fresh, Skylar. Whoever did it is still in this Forest."

I gasped and grabbed onto Carl again. Two more Walkers clumsily passed by, moaning and groaning as they walked further toward Woodbury.

"Why are all of those walkers headed to Woodbury? Including Joel? They didn't even notice us!" I grumbled, shaking Carl's shoulder slightly.

"Something, or somebody is leading them. Whoever they are" He replied, walking out of our hiding spot and pulling me with him.

I twisted my face into a frown and followed more quietly.. Who would want to lead Walkers to Woodbury? And why? It can't be anybody The Governor likes.. It has to be..

"Hershall?" I gasped, staring like a deer in headlights at the man who was so special to our small group.

"Oh my god." He yelled, limping toward us and smiling. "How are you?"

"We're fine. Where were you? Are you injured? No bites?" I asked, staring at him intently.

"No bites, just a little scratched up. That's all." He smiled, chuckling a little at our curiosity. "And I got chased by some darn walkers on my way out of the Prison. I was stuck out here for quite some time. But I met some knew people who helped me out a lot"

"Who?" Carl snapped, a little too soon.

Hershall laughed. "Just a couple of men and their daughter, Roselle"

"Oh. How old is she?" Carl smiled.

"About thirteen" Hershall replied, thinking into the question more. "We could all live together in the Prison. She is good with knives and her father and older brother know how to use a gun"

Carl nodded and started walking toward the way Hershall came, when a girl emerged from the forest looking scared, then relieved as her and Hershall made eye contact.

"My name is Rosie. How do you know Hershall?" She challenged, folding her arms over her small chest.

"He used to be in OUR group" I replied, not really caring if I sounded sassy or not. "What about you?"

"He IS in our group. C'mon Hershall let's go. Papa and Jack need some help with the wood"

Hershall sighed and explained to her about how we could all become "friends" and live "happily" ever after. I snorted and looked at Carl, who was staring at Rosie. Ugh.

I turned around and walked into the woods when they weren't looking. I think I just needed some fresh air to calm me down about the whole "Rosie" thing. I went further into the thick brambles and pine tress while sucking in the crispy cold air. I smiled and lifted my arms into the air to catch some falling leaves, when a hard smack on the back of the head made me fall to my knees, and be swallowed into blackness.