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Hey everyone! Evidently, nobody cares about the names, so I've picked them out myself. Extra long chapter for y'all. Above is Tyler's wolf form.

Third person pov
The group watched in silence as they saw Brendon changing. Fur spread across his skin, and they could hear bones snapping.
Surprisingly, Brendon didn't seem to be in agony. They gaped at the beast before them.
Brendon was huge. His fur was dark grey with a row of black spikes running down his spine. Leathery wings had sprouted at his sides and he had a dragon-like tail. Horns had sprouted on his face and his eyes were red.
"What kind of supernatural being was Brendon?" Tyler thought. He had werewolf traits: wolf form, full moon transformation, and huge size. Tyler had no idea about the other half.
"I can't believe it" Josh thought. Brendon had Demon traits: pre-transformation mood swings, transformations, horns, wings, red eyes, and spikes. Josh had crossed paths with a Demon before, he knew they were incredibly rare.
Something caught Brendon's attention. Sarah was walking down a trail. Brendon turned at started walking towards her.
"He's going to attack her!" Dallon hissed.
"If he was going to attack her, he'd be running or stalking towards her." Tyler pointed out. They watched as Sarah caught sight of Brendon. She didn't seem to be scared.
"Can we go now?" Patrick whispered.
"He'll see us" Pete replied.
Suddenly, Kenny shifted his weight, and a stick snapped.
Brendon immediately looked towards the source of the sound. Josh felt Tyler start to shift.
"No" he whispered. Then, the wind shifted, blowing their scent towards Brendon. Brendon stiffened and then bolted.
Sarah started walking towards them. She caught sight of them and quietly called.
"We didn't see anything" Patrick blurted out.
"Yeah, right" Sarah responded.
"We had our suspicions" Dallon admitted.
"Brendon's been hiding his heritage for a long time. I just learned about it a few months ago" Sarah explained, "Before I found out, Brendon hated that he was a demonwolf. That hate manifested itself into painful transformations and his inability to remember or control what happens in his wolf form."
"So once he respects his wolf form, he had control over it." Tyler concluded.
"Yes" Sarah responded.
"Was he hu-I mean did he have parents who were werewolves or demons?" Josh asked.
"Brendon's parents were human" Sarah responded.
"Where is he?" Andy asked, looking around.
"I have no idea" Sarah responded with a shrug.
"Can he fly?" Joe asked.
"Nope" Sarah answered.
"Why don't we go home and wait?" Josh suggested, glancing at Tyler. Everybody nodded and started down the trail.
"I need to get something" Tyler said. Nobody questioned him.

Tyler's pov
Once he was away from the group, he cut through an alley and into the forest. Then, he shifted into his wolf form, Adimar. It was traditional for shifters to name their wolf forms.
Adimar was actually an Arabian Wolf, a subspecies of grey wolf. He stood 26 inches at the shoulder (66 cm) and weighed around 40 pounds (18.14 kg). He was much smaller than a normal wolf. His fur was brown with darker markings and a lighr underbelly.
Adimar followed Brendon's human scent until it became his demonwolf scent. He was suprised that the demonwolf had no name since a werewolf's scent normally had a name. Adimar tracked Brendon's scent, which was easy since Brendon didn't cover his tracks.
He found the demonwolf crouching down next to the carcass of an elk. Adimar could tell that the elk had died of old age.
"So, he can't hunt" Adimar thought.
"Hello" he barked and the demonwolf turned around.
"Who are you?" Brendon asked.
"Adimar, or as you know me, Tyler"
"You're a werewolf?" Brendon asked.
"Half werewolf, half human" Adimar replied.
"Adimar?" Brendon asked.
"Werewolves normally name their shifted forms, my name means 'those who's battles have made him stronger'." Adimar explained.
"Do they know?" Brendon asked.
"They're totally cool about the demonwolf thing" Adimar replied.
"Were they angry?" Brendon asked.
"More of suprised" Adimar answered, "Josh is a vampire-human partial, so he understood."
"Want some?" Brendon asked.
"Sure," Adimar responded and then added, "Hold on." Adimar heard a rabit a few yards away from them. He sneaked towards the unsuspecting prey and pounced. Then, he trotted back towards Brendon. "Rabbit is a good appetizer, try some" he offered and ripped off a few chunks and tossed them at Brendon.
"I've only tasted deer and elk, all were dead from old age." He said as he gulped it down.
"You've been missing out" Adimar replied.
"I have no idea how to hunt." Brendon admitted.
"I'm half the size of a normal wolf, and I've brought down a full-grown elk." Adimar said, "With your size, you could catch bigger prey."
"Well, I'm not fast" Brendon replied.
"There's a reason wolves hunt in packs" Adimar replied and abandoned the carcass. "There's a herd of elk north of here. I chase, you catch."

Brendon's pov
Brendon waited behind a rock. Adimar would bark when he was close. Brendon heard a loud bark and got ready.
A cow elk was coming towards him, Adimar on it's heels. Brendon leaped from behind the rock just as the elk passed and his jaws closed around her neck. The elk fell and Brendon leaped off. Adimar walked over towards the elk's head and looked into it's eyes. He could hear him whispering something in an unknown language.
"Darilo jhi jaleka ridajme. Vedellarix itzi Uretaji meliji darilo. Shaliro"
The elk closed her eyes and it's chest rose for the last time.
"What did you say?" Brendon asked.
"A prayer for her soul" Adimar replied. Then, he changed the subject.

So, I chose Adimar for Tyler's wolf form. I'm going to choose Brendon's wolf name later. Sorry it's mostly dialogue. Also, the thing Adimar said was "You put up a good fight. The heaven of Prey opens for you. Goodbye" It's in a made-up language.

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