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"When we were five they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up our answers were things like astronaut, president, or in my case a princess, when we were ten they asked again we answered rockstar, cowboy, or in my case gold metalest, but now that we've grown up they want a serious answer well how about this who the hell knows." Jessica said smiling Arielle clapped along with Emmett they sat in front of Bell and Edward in their cap and gowns

"This isn't the time to make hard and fast decisions this is the time to make mistakes take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere, fall in love." Jessica said as Emmett and Arielle instantly looked at one another, Arielle turned hearing her name being called she saw her birth father Wyatt Salvatore "A lot major in philosophy and make a carrer out of that change your mind and change it again (Arielle goes on the stage Esme and Carlisle, and Emmett start cheering loudly) because nothing is permanent, so make as many mistakes as you can that way someday when they ask what we wanna be we won't have to guess we'll know." Jessica said smiling after everyone had went up the graduation was finally over 

Arielle walked over to her father "What are you doing here?" Arielle asked a bit annoyed "I couldn't miss my daughter's graduation could I?" Wyatt asked with a smirk on his face "You know I would choke you until you started seeing stars but I'd rather not get arrested." Arielle snapped turning to walk away Emmett, The Cullen's and Bella looked at her in concern "Your mother what's to see you soon." Wyatt spoke honestly and seriously this time 

"You and my so called mother can go to hell." Arielle snapped "I've been there before not so bad as they say in the stories." Wyatt joked, "I want to make amends, your in great danger I protect my own blood no matter how bad Katerina thinks I am, I've protected her and your siblings several times before." Wyatt said to his daughter, Arielle looked at him confused but decided to ignore him as she walked towards the Cullen's "Are you okay?" Emmett asked his Fiance "Yeah daddy dearest just wanted to pay a visit." Arielle said coldly.

{Party time}

Arielle was all dressed up and looking incredibly beautiful she noticed Bella staring at someone Arielle groaned seeing Jacob walk in, Arielle was happy to be pregnant but at the moment she didn't because she wished she could get drunk off her ass enough to be able to deal with the trouble love triangle, she was happy Paul and Emmett weren't friends but acted at least civil around each other for her sake. 

"What are you doing here?" Bella asked as Arielle walked from behind "You invited me." Jacob said Embry and Quill backed up letting Arielle walk past them "Was her right hook not enough to tell you your uninvited because I can literally throw you out of the house in 3 seconds." Arielle asked with a smirk on her face Embry and Quill also couldn't help but smirk 

"Look Bella I'm sorry about you know the kiss." Jacob said Arielle rolled her eyes "He's not sorry about that." Arielle mumbled Embry and Quill bursted out in laughter "And your hand." Jacob added ignoring Arielle's comment "Which I ended up having to heal because of you." Arielle added smugly 

Jacob looked at her she just shot him a smug smile "I'd blame it on the whole inner animal thing but it was really just me being an ass, I'm really sorry." Jacob said "I'm happy Paul does act like this, got love him, hey where is Pauly Pocket?" Arielle asked questioning the boys "Oh he couldn't make it due to Sam and Jared guarding and all but he brought you this." Embry said handing her a necklace with a wolf "Hey this is cute." Arielle said happily "Bella put it on me will you?" Arielle asked, Bella smiled as Arielle moved her hair allowing Bella to place the necklace, Jacob ended up giving her a bracelet with a wolf on it as well 

Arielle went to walk away seeing Alice but than both girls froze as they saw a vision of RIley Beers passing around Bella and Arielle's jacket to his vampire army and them heading to Forks, Alice and Arielle both looked at each other, Arielle's hands instantly flew to her belly, Bella noticed this walking away from the wolves and to Alice and Arielle "What did you two see?" Bella asked "the decisions been made." Alice said Arielle's eyes watered "What's going on?" Jacob asked "They're not going to Seattle." Bella figured out both girls shook their heads "No. They're coming here." Arielle said Embry rushed over comforting the soon to be mother.

The Cullen's, Jacob, Embry, Quill, Bella, Delia, Derek and Arielle were currently away from the party at the moment "They'll be here in four days." Alice said, Emmett's arms were wrapped around Arielle holding her close she layed her head on his chest, "This could turn into a blood bath." Carlisle said to them, "Who's behind it?" Edward asked "I didn't see anyone I reconginzed." Alice said to him "Riley Beers, he's a local, he couldn't have started this I know he wanted have started this, he was friends with Derek for crying out loud." Arielle said she was scared if it were just her life on the line it wouldn't be a big deal but she wasn't alone anymore she had twins "Who ever did is staying out of action." Alice said as Embry ended up comforting Arielle,

Arielle didn't know why but their was this sudden pull towards Embry it was like every time she was around she was a bit more calm, it was the same with Paul, Arielle knew she didn't love Paul or Embry not like the way she loves Emmett but it was weird since she'd got pregnant she wanted to see the two wolves a lot more 

"They must be playing with the blind spots in both your visions." Carlisle said "Either way the army is coming and they're aren't enough of us to protect the town." Jasper said to them "Hold up? What damn army?" Jacob asked "Newborns, our kind." Carlisle said to the wolves "What are they after?" Embry asked still hugging Arielle's who was currently gripping Emmett's hand he sent his fiance a concerned look but she only ignored it

"They were passing around Arielle and Bella's scent a red blouse, and Arielle's favorite blue sweater." Alice said to them "They're after Arielle?" Embry asked his voice filled with protection surprising the Cullen's "And Bella? What the hell does this mean?" Jacob asked "It means an ugly fight with lots of lives lost." Carlisle said Jacob turned to Quill and Embry who nodded "Alright, were in." Jacob said the them, Arielle looked at Embry he gave her a soft smile

"No you'd get yourselves killed. No way" Bella said shaking her head "I wasn't asking you for permission." Jacob said looking at her "Edward." Bella said looking at her boyfriend, "It means more protection for you and Arielle and with Arielle's state we need all the protection we can get." Edward pointed out, "Jacob do you think Sam would agree to an understanding?" Carlisle asked "As long as we get to kill some vampires." Jacob said "Jasper." Carlisle said "It'll give us some numbers, newborns won't know they even exist, it'll give us an edge." Jasper said "Well need to coradinate." Carlisle said standing up "Carlisle, they're going to get hurt." Bella pleaded

"Well all need some training , fighting newborns requires knowledge that Jasper has, your welcome to join us." Carlisle told Jacob, "Alright, name the time and place." Jacob said than Bella and Jacob continued to batter "Would you two shut up!" Arielle snapped "Okay Bella this is what you wanted right your vampire and werewolf boyfriend to get along, your finally going to get it and don't get me wrong I rather not get the wolves involved but they go by the own rules, their not going to listen to me or you, so deal with it and kindly fuck off for the rest of the day." Arielle snapped walking inside.

A very pissed off Arielle, things are going to happen for Arielle lots of changes, not sure all good but we well see. It'll be explained why Arielle is so angry and terrified to go into this vampire war with theses newborns, Guess what wolf Paul is coming next chapter, I missed Paul so much. So Embry and Arielle what do you guys think is going on?

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