Dear Diary of Mine... [My Public Diary] December 22, 2009

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Dear Diary of Mine...... [My Public Diary]

December 22, 2009



Dear Diary,


Well, because I kind of 'use' the computer a lot, my mom has decided for me to share it, for me, it's a terrible idea, I like using my computer, and I call it Mine, for I know everything about it, even how to work with it when it's going all gay on me, no offense in the term 'gay' but I swear my computer is just devoted to the devil sometimes.

Well, I would have written to you yesterday, but hey! Looky here, another late entry, today went like this (yesterday):

I woke up early, and was fighting for the right to be first, rules are whoever wakes up first gets it, meaning my baby.

I merely WON!!!

Yay!! But then I didn't get any time with it, for my stupid cousin came over, I don't hate him, it's just that he's a little annoying, I don't like people around me when I'm 'working' and he didn't let me work at all, he wanted songs music and what not download's.


I so want to kill him right now, and the worst they wanted to watch the pictures my uncle has sent yesterday, I was like ''Please! They're just pictures! There's other days you can bother me, not when I'm intending to write!''

Kill them!!

It's my choice of word, but I'm not willing to ruin my life in jail.

Stupid computer wasn't helping at all with my situation, it froze about five Freaking times!!

I so wanted to kill something else!

And my dogs...

Oh, please don't get me started!!

But I will =P

They were howling like complete idiots, but I guess it was because they love acting like animals, which they are Duh!

I'm an animal lover, but don't get me annoyed or I'll be the complete opposite, promise.

I'm getting a bit attached to kiddie shows recently Diary, I swear it's like I can't pass a day without two or three hours of Discovery Kids, or Pbskids, I prefer them, but sometimes I sneak a peek at PlayhouseDisney, which I'm more embarrassment of admitting to watch.

Honestly, I swear I don't know when I'll actually grow up!

Bad Marc!!

But I'm young, and I'm so sicked about Christmas Eve!!

Oh My Groomer!!!

Just a couple of days away!!


So excited!!

Anyways, that's how my day went, I got my hair done, I'm going to die it in black also, I'm not getting in trouble, because my mom suggested the hair color change.

Thank lordy!!

I got my nails done!!!


Pedicure and manicure!!

I got my hands nails done in a neon blue with some glitter to make it a little christmasy, snow flake shaped glitter!

Nighty night!!


Lola got sparkle

//I felt a little sad, so I just had to put an Avril song. Yay!! Doesn't have to do with today, but whatever! ////

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