Ch 1

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[Continued after GMHighschool part 2]

As Maya left the classroom she looked over at the brunette whose side she stayed by through the first day of high school. What she said to Mr. Matthews wasn't a lie. She would ALWAYS stay with Riley. But the thing was, she had left something out. She LOVED Riley. And that was the true meaning to her confession. She had learned today, just how deep her love went for the brunette. "So, we're going to do that from today on... Right peaches?" Maya was pulled out of her thoughts as she looked at her best friend glancing at her with her eyebrows furrowed. Maya simply nodded in response.


Later that night Riley was awakened from her deep slumber by a soft pitter-patter of knocking on her window. She got up to see Maya standing soaked to the bone. Immediately the clumsy girl flung off her covers and stumbled to the bay window fumbling until she opened it.

"Maya, what on earth happened?! You're drenched peaches!" Maya wearily climbed in as Riley closed the window locking it before turning to her friend before realizing the extent of what happened.

"Maya, you're bleeding!" She said quite shocked.

"Oh jeez, really? I had no idea!" The blonde snapped back before seeing her friends kicked puppy expression and gave her an apologetic glance. She had had a rough night.

"I'm going to get a towel and a first aid kit and some change clothes." Riley rushed out quickly. As she got back she embraced her friend in a hug, holding a fluffy towel wrapping it around her and gently leading her to sit down. The entire time Maya had been mostly silent, and Riley was getting worried.

"Maya, what happened?" She whispered softly. Maya shook her head and went to respond before a rack of hoarse coughing shook her body. Riley steadied her friend her concern only growing as she got up and fetched the first aid off the nightstand. After she had stopped coughing Maya looked down at her feet

"I ran into a pole." She said referring to the cut above her eyebrow. Riley opened the first aid kit digging through it before pulling out a band-aid and giving her friend a stare, raising her eyebrow.

"You ran into a pole, really?" The blonde shrugged,

"You do it all the time."

"Yeah, but you're not usually clumsy," Riley responded before gently placing the bandaid on then gently lifting her friend's chin and continuing more seriously,

"You know you can tell me anything right?"

Yeah and if I did that you would hate me for life. Maya thought sullenly as she gazed at her friend. "Yeah.." She replied glumly.

Riley narrowed her eyes, determined to get her friend to tell her the truth.

"Maya, what happened?" She said more serious this time and Maya knew sooner or later her friend would get the answer.

"A fight." The blonde replied softly. Immediately the brunette stood up and went to march to her parents but Maya grabbed her and pulled her back.

"No Riley." Riley looked back at her friend her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Why not Maya, you wer-"

Maya cut her off before she even could finish,

"Because this is not the same thing. Let's just go to sleep. Can I borrow something to change into? My clothes are still wet."

Riley looked at Maya for a minute before nodding and getting up and strode to her closet leaving The blonde to her thoughts, promising silently to never tell the brunette what exactly happened in that fight and why it happened in the first place. Because the fight was about you. Maya thought.

When Riley returned she held a neatly folded pile of pajamas in her hand and gave them to Maya.

Maya got up and left to change, when she returned and got in the bed, Riley shut off the light and laid next to her pulling her friend into an embrace, Maya buried her head in the crook of Riley's shoulder. I wish I could just have a platonic love for you then none of this stupid triangle nonsense would have happened. The blonde thought before falling asleep in her best friends arms.


Authors note: hope you all liked that chapter! Sorry if it sucked it's my first Gmw fanfiction.

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