Part 37 🍕

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The place your in looks like its been abandoned for a century. But its only been 50 years. Your mind conscious but your eyes closed. Your senses were aware of our surroundings. Hot and humid. Your forehead sweating, your shirt soaked from the heat. Your shoes were off, you were in shorts. Raphael must've changed you when you were asleep. You sat up then you squeaked with pain as you grabbed your groin in pain. your teeth cringed as you gasped for air. Raphael walked into the room only wearing the athletic shorts he arrived in with his holsters on his hips holding his sai's without his mask. He walked over to you to see you awake and in pain. He bent down and asked "Hey, hey whats wrong??" he asked scared. Donnie wasn't around to help him out like he usually would. "My-my vagina hurts really badly. AHH! -hiss- " He was freaking out mentally as his hands reached out to comfort you but they kinda just froze in mid air. You looked at him with your one eye squinted as your teeth showed. He lifted your upper body up and then sat on the couch as he let you down softly onto his lap. You wrapped your arms around his one thigh as a comforting pillow. He petted your hair like a little dog as you relaxed yourself. Your pelvis, your hips, your butt, your throat; your womb and your vagina all hurt at once. It was horrible. So much worse than those men that worked with your dad and raped you, Yea it wasn't all that great but this is sooo much worse. The pain was like have period cramps 4x worse with a someone taking their hand and grabbing your uterus and squeezing it with their nails digging into it with blood spilling. But that's only how you feel not what's happening. "wait right here." Raphael instructed. 'yea cause i'm going somewhere' you sassed in your thoughts. you screamed in pain which made Raphael hurry faster to the cabinets. he looked around for Aspirin, ibuprofen, anything to make the pain go away. He didn't find anything. He resorted to what his father taught him. Its an acupuncture that makes pain go away temporarily. He walked over nervous, he's never really done it before and you screaming didn't exactly help either. He bent down and looked at you. "Y/N, i'm gonna do something that will get rid of the pain temporarily but it will come back, and it will hurt at first. Are you ready?" You were scared as tears fled your reddened eyes. You nodded as you bit your lip. He took his thumb; pressed it Right above your Belly button and his index finger dug into your hip muscle and his other hand pressed on your side. You screamed harder and he could feel it from the vibration coming from your body. Behind his straight concentrated face with his eyes staring at you while his teeth were clinched behind his neutral lip formation (He's not smiling nor frowning) from your pain screaming into his ears. Your screaming lessened and lessened until you finally couldn't feel it. Your breath shaky and you then your body relaxed as your breath got smooth again as you closed your eyes. You turned your head towards raphael and smiled with your lips at him "Thanks RaphieBear." He gave a slanted smiled "No problem." He kissed you forehead and you closed your eyes again. It felt nice to be out of pain. You opened your eyes 8 Slow seconds later to see your only gyms bag by the door of the house. You sat up slowly just to be cautious of pain and examined the room. You lifted your body up off the couch and walked on the wooden floor boards as you stumbled into another room. It was the kitchen. It's got an old rustic look to it, like a place grandma would be; in the country with her old school taste and mixed berry pie's were made. You walked around the wooden Island as you saw an old Frigidaire Refrigerator. It was cream color with rust on the handle on the bottom corner. "Does this place have electricity?" you asked yourself out loud. You opened the fridge to feel it cold but the light bulb was dead. You closed it and walked over to the white screen door. You pulled the door handle door and pushed on it but it didn't open so you pushed it upwards and opened the door. You walked out onto the porch with white chipped paint everywhere and old wicker furniture including a wicker table with a glass top. A roof above your head, with a white fence along the edge of the whole porch that led to stairs with more chipped paint. You walked down them to only be blinded by the cloudless sky. The sun was a bright white. The air was more clean feeling and you could smell the pollen in the air. It was sweet. You walked around the house out of curiosity. You saw a watermill attached the house in the back, "that must be how the house is getting electricity." you thought. You kept walking but in the corner of your eye something was off. you looked around to see nothing was really standing out. You looked up to see Raphael on the roof. Just siting there. you hovered your one hand over your brows to block out the sun as the other one waved up to him. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE??" you yelled. He just shrugged. You put your hand down from waving and just stared at him. He just looked back down at you through his sunglasses. It was silent as the winds blew through. You looked back down to your eye level and walked back inside. You for hours on end you cleaned, dusted, and unwrapped the furniture. It was 8:00pm Or around that time. Raph never came back inside. You were worried "Did i do something?" you thought. You sighed and then leaned against the kitchen wall as you slid down and straightened your legs. You then thought, if this is an old house. then it probably has a door on the roof so you can repair it or something. You walked up 3 flights of stairs and found a rope dangle from the ceiling, you looked up as you pulled on it. it opened up a pair of stairs that went to the attic. You stepped on the first step of 24. It was squeaky and kinda sank as your weight relaxed on it. you hesitated at first but you really wanted to see him. Its been 12 hours since 11 am. You looked around as the sunbeams shine through the roof boards as little dust bunnies danced in the light. It was summer so around 8:00 is when the sun sets. You saw a window on the roof in the far corner. You stacked boxes on top of one another. You climbed the unstable boxes up to the window. Once you unlocked it and pushed it up as it made a release 'ssssss' sound; you popped your head up to see Raphael sitting on the very top and edge of the house. You got up on the valley of the roof. You swore not to look down as your adrenaline rushed from the fear of falling and breaking your neck. You wobbled a bit so you bent your knees so your hands grabbed a hold of the roof shingles. you breathed heavily as you looked down; which again you swore not to do. You squeaked a bit at the stupid idea you committed. Your foot rearranging itself made a shingle fall. Raph heard something fall; so he looked down to see the roof piece then turned his body a bit to see you struggling to get to him. "Y/N! What the fuck are you doing??!" between the heights and raph yelling, tears fled your eyes. "I-I've barely seen you today-so (your foot slipped a bit) AH! IWantedToSeeYouButItSeemedLikeYouDidn'tWannaComeDown!.." He stood up and walked on the ridge of the roof carefully over to you. He picked you up and you clung to his neck like a monkey. He then jumped from one part of the roof, to the porch roof and to the grass. He snapped you off of him. "What do you think you were doing?" he asked serious but sincerely. You sniffed as your eyes calmed down from the tears but still red and shiny. "I wanted to see you." you simply put. He breathed out his nose as he looked to his side. "I wish you wouldn't be so reckless sometimes." You looked down ashamed. He; still facing his side but his eyes traveled down to your sad face. He then messed up your hair with a shake of his hand and then left for the roof again. "WAIT DONT YOU WANNA HANG OUT!" He didn't answer. You plopped onto the grass then laid back onto it. You "UGH!!"-ed. 'i guess its because of Mating season. This must be his way of protecting me from his own self.' you thought. You watched the the clouds roll by pretty fast. Maybe there's a storm coming. You were unbelievably bored so you got up and decided to walk through the backwoods. You turned around to see Raphael still sitting on the roof. You sighed and went on forward as your nose could smell the cooler air underneath the shade trees. The grass out here was up to your calves, which was almost up to your knees. You walked around to see Lots of apple trees and some peaches. You saw lots of bushes filled with fruit. Strawberries, Raspberries, and other assorted fruits. You would randomly just taste fruits. Not entirely smart but admit it, we would all try free fruit XD You then started gathering fruits with your shirt acting like a bowl. You then stumbled upon an old tree house in an Walnut tree with a nailed-in-ladder against the tree. You put the edge of your shirt in your mouth so the berries didn't fall out as your hands climbed up the ladder as did your feet. You reached the top of the house. Your feet were on the last Nailed-In-Ladder at the very top as you observed the inside of it. You looked around to see pictures tacked to the walls of boys, Drawn pictures, and maps. You saw old carpeting covered in small animal droppings, dirt, and old leaves. Some leaves were just crumbs on the floor, some were damp from the more dew. The roof had a hole in it so rain was able to get inside. You saw a small handmade desk with a tiny chair for a child. You were climbing inside as you put all your weight on your one foot that was still on the Last Nailed-in-ladder which made it fall, you almost fell until you randomly grabbed at the floorboards with your nails. You were slipping as you grabbed onto the ledge. You Looked down as the you watched the One piece of ladder fall into a sticker bush. You breathed heavy for about 0.5 seconds and then relaxed as you pulled yourself up in the house. You sat on the ledge looking out through the forest. It was beautiful! The red sun was setting in the back of the earth. The sun rays bled through the leaves as it made the grass Gold plated. you saw tiny white butterflies in groups glide on the breeze as you saw some yellow jacket birds, some woodpeckers and cardinals. You stood up and walked around the square tree house. by time you were gonna go back to the farmHouse it was 9:30 and you only knew this cause of your watch. You left your phone at the farmhouse. You decided since its so beautiful out and no one lives anywhere near here at all! You would take your clothes off and set them down underneath of you to protect you from the carpet that was gross. You laid there in nothing but your skin as you watch the stars appear. The sky was filled with glittering dots and a full moon. You exhaled and closed your eyes with peace and tranquility. You Fell asleep within 15 minutes. Without you knowing, raph was looking for you. He was looking for you because his animal craving for sex. He was smelling the air for you. He could smell your scent coming from the woods. He walked around smelling for you, your scent made a few Pit stops due to your Berry-loving fixation. He then stopped once he saw the tree house. He wasn't all animal at the moment. He realized he would most likely break the ladder nailed to the tree if he climbed it. So he climbed up the nearest tree and then jumped to the one over hanging the tree house. He noticed there was a hole in the ceiling of it. he looked down into it to see you were wearing nothing. your skin being bathed in the moonlight. He bit his lip as he used the branch to lower himself down into the house. You turned over onto your side as you used your shirt for a pillow. He put his hand on your shoulder. His skin tingled as he moved his hand down your arm, onto your hip. He then put his hand on your booty cheek. Your eyes shot open as you remained still. "What do i do, what do i do, what do i do?!" you screamed in your head. You bit your lip scared. He then put his thumb on your pelvis as his index finger was pushing itself into you. Once it reached all the way in you sat up and back away as your back was against the wall. You saw his finger drip from your natural lubricant. He crawled over to you as you kept moving away from him. He blocked you in so you were cornered. You right hand was on the wall as his free hand was behind you on your back as he smashed his lips into yours as his thirst for you grew. He then just slammed his dick into you with a hard thrust. You screamed in pain cause you weren't lubricated enough for this. He was forcing sex on you as he kept making big and hard thrusts. He then bit your Neck as hard as possible. You Then woke up with a scream. You breathed heavy as You looked over to your left to see Raphael sitting like a pretzel. You Screamed at the top of your lungs as you took your clothes and shoved them on your body as if was some kinda protection. He bounced a bit at your reaction towards him. "what are you doing here?" you asked sternly. "I missed you." "Is this you saying that or your mating season you saying that." he pinched his skin and then looked up at you "Me i'm pretty sure." he sassed. You just stared at him waiting for him to do something. He reached out for you but you pressed you back as far as it could against the wall as you stretched your head away from him. He felt like he was a complete monster the way you were treating him. "I'm not gonna do anything." You just stared at him wondering if he was telling the truth. "I promise Y/N." You relaxed your neck and your body. You then watched him, waiting for him to something. You crawled over to him and hugged him arm. He took you out your grasp and he had you under the arm you were hugging. He laid his head on yours as you kept a cautious eye on him and his body movements. He fell asleep against the wall as you kinda stayed awake for an extra hour. Then you fell asleep. 'its been awhile since he just wanted to sit and relax with me'. to be continued.

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