Chapter 00: Prologue Pt 1

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Somewhere in the Hidden Leaf Village in the distance you hear a baby girl was born into the Uchiha Clan

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Somewhere in the Hidden Leaf Village in the distance you hear a baby girl was born into the Uchiha Clan. "Oh honey, she has your image" a woman cooed as she cradles her baby. "But she has your beauty my love". The woman chuckled at her husband's compliment. "What shall we name our daughter Sadao" the woman said. "Hmm she needs the perfect name since she's an Uchiha of about...Saskia Uchiha". The woman awed and smiled. "It...It suits her..Saskia.. from this day forward you shall be know as Saskia Uchiha" the woman said loud and proud.

"Lord Sadao and Lady Kiyoshi, Lord Fugaku and Lady Mikoto and their children are here to visit you both and the new baby" a nurse said. "Of course let them come in". The door slide open revealing the leader of the Uchiha Clan and his family. "Sadao it's been awhile" Fugaku said while smiling. "Kiyoshi congratulations my dear". Mikoto came over and hugged Kiyoshi as she was holding Sasuke.

"Thank you Lady Mikoto and I see little Sasuke is doing fine" Kiyoshi cooed earning a giggle from Sasuke. "Quite yes haha". Kiyoshi peeked passed Mikoto and saw Itachi. "Well hello Itachi, have you also come to see the baby as well" she asked. "Yes...". Suddenly the infant began to awake and open her eyes. "Oh hello there little one " Kiyoshi said. The baby looked at everyone and she cooed in delight. "She's such a cutie I could just eat her up" Mikoto cooed. "Indeed she is".

Kiyoshi looked up at her husband Sadao and smiled. "I'm so happy, her life will be just perfect with us" she said while smiling. "You could say that...". Kiyoshi looked back up at Sadao. "Sadao is something the matter"she asked worriedly. "You know the fourth Hokage wife Lady Kushina right...". Kiyoshi slowly nodded. "Her baby is to be expected soon and the Hokage has asked you Kiyoshi to help deliver the baby and help Kushina not feel much pain, as you see you're one of the greatest medical ninja's we have" Fugaku jumped in and said. "What exactly is you both getting at here".

Sadao looked at Fugaku and Fugaku looked at Sadao. "When the host is in delivery the Jinchūriki seal on them will weaken and thus saying that the Nine-tails could escape" Fugaku coldly said. Kiyoshi gasped and placed the baby in her crib so she could sleep. "I'll help but how dangerous is this mission" she asked. "It's not a mission it's a task and a favor". Kiyoshi bite her lip and thought for a moment. "Alright when is the baby exactly due" she asked while getting up out the bed. "In two days". Kiyoshi sighed and nodded. "Alright I should be ready by then Fugaku" she said. "Good".


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