Chapter One

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Nicholas turned to find the source of the voice, his face and muscles relaxed as he recognized the soft tone. It was Lenore. Nicholas turned around but saw only more of Remora's men. The soldiers had given Nicholas space and stood back, they didn’t want to be Nicholas' next victim. Their armour was covered in the blood of their enemies and friends alike and they were tired from fighting through the night. Nicholas turned again to try to find Lenore.

"You won’t be able to find me, Nick."

"What are you talking about?" Nicholas replied, confused with sweat dripping from his head and blood from his blade.

"I'm in your head."

Remora's men grew confused as they watched Nicholas talking to himself, with his sword still drawn.

"...What are you talking about, how is that possible?" Nicholas said, lowering his weapon and turning once more.

"When i was healing you in the castle, i knew i wouldn't be able to make it. My powers...I was able to move into you somehow...”

"So it's simple, we just have to find you a body to move into."

"Yep... simple. All we have to do is find me a body and a way to move me into it."

"Can't you just fly out of me and into one of these guys?"

"Not that simple...."

"And why not?"

"Well for one thing I'm a girl, I'd really rather be in a girl's body... And I’m a consciousness, not a spirit. I'm not possessing you, I’m... inhabiting you."

"Somehow 'inhabiting' sounds worse..."

"Sorry, believe me it’s weird for me too. Your brain is much more... accessible from inside here. It's almost as though everything you know, your memories, your thoughts... they're all laid out in front of me..."

"Well i should warn you that not all of those memories are... pleasant."

"Don't worry; I don’t plan to go through them all."

Remora's men didn’t know what to do as they watched Nicholas having a conversation with himself. The soldiers all took a step back, keeping their blades ready and a good eye on him.

"Just as i thought this place couldn’t get any crazier...But at least we can still talk."

"Oh, about that. You don't actually need to talk to talk to me. I'm in your head now; i can read your thoughts. Just think what you want to say rather than talking to yourself like a crazy person."

Nicholas looked around to see Remora's soldiers looking at him. Scared for their lives. Watching him like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Like he's crazy.

"Maybe you should have started with that." Nicholas thought, with a smile on his face. "Come on; let’s head back into the castle. Viktor's probably wondering whether I’ve gone and killed myself yet."

 Alexander kicked back one of Eudora's soldiers then sent him up in flames. He turned around with a wave of fire burning through the enemies. Matilda sent out several lightning bolts. The giant electric bolts beamed down to the ground burning the snow and electrifying anyone in their path. Matilda was now used to commanding the lightning so she was able to launch multiple bolts at once, wreaking havoc to her enemies. Marcus dodged and weaved between the fire and lightning with his new dragon armour. Slicing the enemy soldiers as he sprinted further into their lines. Marcus slipped in the snow but continued to slide forward, chopping at the legs of the soldiers. Alexander used the opportunity to send a wave of fire over Marcus and burn through more of the enemy lines. The fire was red hot and the soldiers screamed as they burst into flames and fell to the floor. Jasmin was in her element, her powers strong. Jasmin melted the snow under the feet of the soldiers then refroze it, disabling the enemies. She put her arms behind her back and formed the snow into icicles, frozen daggers, and flung them around her body towards the soldiers. The soldiers yelled out as they were impaled by ice. Jasmin looked up to check the battle. Between them fighting forward, Remora's soldiers and Nicholas' shockwave Eudora's forces had been severely weakened, but there was still a small army. Jasmin also noticed that the walls of the valley they were in were steeped with snow. Jasmin thought of a way to end this battle, quickly. Jasmin took a moment to rally her thoughts before concentrating all of her powers on the cliff faces on either side of Eudora's armies. Matilda and Alexander stood around Jasmin and covered her as she got to work. Jasmin brought the snow down in an avalanche on either side of Eudora's army. The soldiers called out as they were buried in snow. Within moments Eudora's entire army was killed. Drowned by snow. Jasmin had kept a bubble around herself, protecting Matilda and Alexander too. Jasmin raised herself and the others up onto the top of the snow sheet using the ground they stood on. 

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