Ch.2 Metta...LOVE?!

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You were sitting on the couch when I knock came from the door, you walked over and opened the door, you froze when you saw who it was, there, right there...was the one and only Mettaton..."..." You opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out. "Hello darling" Mettaton said. "Um...h-hello..." You finally managed to say something, Mettaton chuckled and you let him walk into the house. You were blushing slightly embarrassed and also from the fact that Mettaton was in your freaking house! Mettaton turned and looked at you "darling you sure are beautiful~" Mettaton said. You blushed red and smiled.

Mettatons P.O.V

She was blushing red, it was adorable. Do I...have a crush on her?...I thought. think I do...
I really wanted to kiss her...but...she might hate me if I do...but ill never know if I don't try.
I bent down a little so I was her height, I my face up to hers...I moved forward, I kissed her. She was startled at first and her face turned red like a tomato, but then she kissed back. I let my tongue slip out of my mouth, licking her lips to ask for entry, she let my tongue in. I let my tongue explore her mouth.
After a while she pulled away from me, blushing brightly.
I chuckled and looks at her, she was so cute blushing like that. I stood there for a moment, thinking, getting lost in my thoughts "m-mettaton?" I heard her Say, snapping out of my thoughts "yes darling?" I replied "um...can we...go up to my room" she said, blushing slightly "sure~" I Said

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