×××Chapter 8×××

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×××Y/N's POV×××

When we get to the sushi place we find a place to sit with four chairs. We all sat down and started having conversations. The seating arrangements were, me and Red and Ross and Adam were across from us. Me and Red were holding hands most of the time we were there. When the other two were having their conversation, me and Red had our own.

"Hey. So do you maybe want to come over and watch a movie at my place tonight?" Red asks. "Sure. Sounds like fun." I say smiling. A lady walks up to the table and starts asking what we want. We all tell her and she leaves. "So who's hungry!" Adam quietly yells. All of us raise our hands and laugh. "If we weren't hungry then why would we come here?" I ask.

"Maybe to hangout with your boyfriend." Adam says looking at his phone. "Shut the hell up!" I say laughing. I hear Red laughing as well. After a few minutes our food comes to the table. "Yes!" I say. "Ma'am? Can I have some wasabi and soy sauce please?" Adam asks. "Yes sir! I'll be right back." The waitress says walking away. "God damn Adam..." Red says. "What?" "Why do you always do this.." Red says. "Mix soy sauce and wasabi? What's wrong with it?" "Just- Nevermind."

We finished eating and we all head back to the office. I walk in holding hands with Red and as we were walking to his office, I see Max sitting on the white couch by himself with his elbows on his knees and he's looking down with his hands tangled in his hair. I look over up at Red. "I'm gonna go talk to Max over there. Go and do something okay?" I ask.

He smiles and replies, "Alright." He leans down and kisses me and walks away. I walk over by Max and sit next to him. "Max..?" I say placing my hand on his back. I feel his back bounce a few times. I pull my arm back and pull his arms away from his hair. I try to look at his face but he just turns away. "Max! Look at me." I say frustrated. He turns his head, looking at his legs. I still have his wrist in my hand, gripping it tight.

He looks at me and my eyes widen and my mouth gapes open from shock. His eyes are swollen red and tears rolling down his face. He sucks in some air through his nose but fails. I pull his arm behind me to pull him to me and hug him tight. He hesitates to hug me but he does after a second or two. He sobs in my shoulder and grips the back of my shirt. I rub his back waiting for him to calm down.

"It's okay Max. It's okay." He lets go and looks at me after wiping his eyes with his sleeve. "Max. Can you tell me what's wrong?" I ask. He nods his head. "You kn-know how I w-was gone this morning?" I nod my head, "Well I got a call from the Hospital. They told me my mom had a-" and he starts sobbing again. 'I never saw him like this before. I feel bad.' I thought. (His family lives in Washington in this book.)

"A what?" I ask taking him into a hug. "Heart attack! They said they have to do some tests and stuff but they also said she might not make it.." He said with his back shaking whenever he takes a deep breath. "Hey. Let's go to the store right now and get a bouquet of flowers and head to the hospital. How does that sound?" I ask. He backs from the hug and looks at me nodding his head.

"Well. Let's go." I say we stand up and head to Adams office to ask if we could go. We knock on his door and he opens it. His face instantly turns shocked. "Max you alright?" He asks. "No his moms in the Hospital. Can we leave and visit her?" I ask. "Yea go ahead. I'm sorry Max. I'll see you tomorrow." "Thanks." I say and leave to the store.

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