Chapter13 sister Birthday  

"I start Woke me up in the morning I heard the Birds singing and chirping out my window in my room I start to yelling And make my bed and going Downstairs to the Kitchen and I grab a cereal called Mini Wheats with in the bowl with milk I start walking to the dining room eat my own breakfast.

My breakfast is done I start back to Kitchen wash the bowl and spoon to Dishwasher and dish soap and turn it on and go upstairs to my room.

"I go to My computer and I got 2 new email from my 2 best friends Friends from New York city High school

I chick my mouse is.

This on is from Angelina and she said.

How are you Maria.

Me and Tiffany miss you very much at school.

And me and Tiffany are going to a long mall to go shopping to get ours hair done and nails done too.

And We get ours High heel shoe from the shoe store. "I saw your darn ex-boyfriend and his darn hot girlfriend and she walk to me she taking trashing talk to Maria and me.

And "I got mad and I slap her on her face.

And she slap at me and pulling my hair and I pulling her hair too

And Tiffany help me to calm me down.

Is a Long story I said and I will call you

Ps I will kick someone Ass kick don't wary about it said Angelina 

And "I go my other Email.

is from Tiffany

She said How are you Maria

Are you find how is your Mom and Dad and your baby sister

I help Angelina help me to calm me down. 

And they start to fight to each other at the mall.

Ps "Me and Angelina and are's friend are warry about you Maria

"I turn my computer and I go downstairs to the Kitchen and " I saw my Mom make a Birthday cake.

Who the Birthday cake for Mom ?

My mom said is your baby sister having her first Birthday tonight

And you like to invite Jacob you want to said Mom

And I was Happy and I said thank you Mom very much and I ran upstairs to My room

And I Grab my Phone from my Pretty purse

And I start to call Jacob from my phone

and is start to Ringing and he said hi Baby

And I said hi Jacob baby

I want you come over my House I said

My sister is going have her first Birthday I said.

I love to I can't Sam told me to keep you safe from vampire

and The wolf pack is hunt for vampire said Jacob

I want you be safe because "I Love you Maria Said Jacob

I love you Jacob very much more then everyone I said

Be safe Jacob "I Love you I said

And Jacob said I Love you too Maria

We both bye to each other and they both turn there phone off

I ran to My Bed I grab my my stuffed Animal Pikachu