The Big Bad Biker and The girl with the scars.

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Onyx's POV

I always wished i could stand up for myself or say something at all. Its a pointless thought. I know my place i life ad i know i will never have a chance. You see i live my dad. Whats so wrong with that? i get abused everyday because he was left with me while my mom took my 3 older brothers with her.

I wondered why i was left with him. my dad always screamed at me that i was useless and a waste of air. i started to believe thats why everyone left me to rot in hell with this bastard.

Let me describe myself before i get to far. Im 5 foot with long curly black hair and im 11.I have a small stick figure because im never aloud much food. i have bright green eyes that are lifeless. My pale body is covered in scars from cuts,whips,fire. Any method of torture was represented on my body.

i was accepting that i would always be left here.

that is until that one day the police busted down the door and i was taken away. i could only start to imagine what would happen to me because i had no other family to go to.

I was definetly shocked when the social service lady told me that i was gonna live with........