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Pen Your Pride

After five minutes of silence my belly started to hurt a little. And it was going worse every minute. Omg I need too poop... I shout out "I need to poop! Let me out!" . Nothing... Hello??? Someone hear me???!!! HELLOOO!!!.... Still nothing. But after five minutes my belly hurts really heavy. I couldn't hold it up anymore. I automatically pushed with full power and the poop went in my pants... oh I mean diaper it was so sticky, and it stinks... I felt so sick. And felt asleep while crying.

"Wake up baby boy!" I slowly opened my eyes. The man was standing in front of me. "I got all your friends so don't worry about them". Phoee u are a stinky boy huh. U did a poopoo? Ah it's okay. That's good about a diaper. Ok let's change you.

No... not again... I don't want a diaper anymore! I am not a baby! So stop it! The man was looking very angry and lifted met up, bend me over and spanked my diapered butt. Don't make me angry boy! Or ill punish u harder!

Okay okay!!! I won't! The man stopped and lead me to the bathroom. He opened my nappy and threw me in the shower. And washed me. Then suddenly I heard someone scream. "NNOOOOO STOPP LET ME GO!". timothy?! Was that timothy?! FUCK they really got them! The man stopped the water  and told me to get out. He dried me off and lifted me on the changing table. He picked a new nappy and shove it under my butt. And again I smelled the scent of baby powder. This time I am not going to give you a poop suppository. So be a good boy and don't use the toilet! Every day u need to have peed 4 times. If not?? Then I'll find something fun for you. He closed my diaper and said I was free to play around the house.

I went out the bathroom and started to investigate. I looked out the window and saw just a forest. So no way to escape.... I walked to the living room. I saw a picture on the wall.. It was the man. Oh his name was obviously Simon. Then I heard the voice of another man. Here is some lemonade. Come on u need to drink. U need to pee at least 4 times a day. Or Simon will punish you.. I picked the glass and drank all the lemonade. Strawberry, yum! Oh and my name is Rick. He said with a smile.

When I was finished, I used my cute puppy face and looked Rick in his eyes. I saw he was feeling a bit sad and asked, where are my friends? Are they doing well? Please don't hurt them! "I cannot tell you where they are. But they are doing fine." He quickly walked away and went upstairs.
I sat on the couch and turned the TV on to amuse myself. After 10 minutes the door went open again. And there was Inge, Zoë and timothy! O_o I saw they were diapered too. And told them to sit next to me to watch TV. They all just knodded and sat down on the couch. Four diapered kids sitting on the couch watching TV. Trying to forget what is going on....


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