Love? (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

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Love is a crazy thing.

Nobody knows when it will come,

Or when it will leave.

It just kinda happens.

Nobody can control it.

Our hearts pick who we fall for,

Not us.

Although some of us would like it to be that way.

Love works in many ways.

Nobody can explain it.

It breaks hearts day in, day out.

So why am i stressing about it? It just doesnt make sense. I wasnt supposed to fall for the bad boy. I wasnt even supposed to say hi to him. But one thing led to another and now, i love him. I think. Why can't I like someone my age, or at least a year older then me/

Samuel is 18. He just moved to Bradford. He didnt know what to expect, seeing as he never left London. On the first day of school he meets this attractive guy, and yes he is gay. This guy's name is Zayn Malik, the school's badbou.

How will he be able to make Zayn like him back. Is this just a crush or is this something more?

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