chapteer 17 . !

  youu might wanna plaay ' Trouble by Bei Maejor when Roc and Jassie's part comes up — it just fits ,  youu know .  ? <3

  {At The Crib, 7:52 pm}

 (Jassie is watching 'World's Dumbest...' until Prince sits next to her)

  Prince: You aight, babe?

  Jas'marieé: (nods) Yeah...just thinking.

  Prince: What's on your mind?

  Jas'marieé: You sound like a Facebook status. (laughs)

  Prince: (shrugs) My bad...but seriously, what you thinking about?

  Jas'marieé: About all this baby stuff. I don't think I'm pregnant...well I hope not.

  Prince: I'd be scared if you were pregnant, but I'd never run away.

  Jas'marieé: (smiles) Thanks Princeton...I love you.

  Prince: I love you more and more every what the hell is this? (points at the TV because some guy has girl underwear on his head)

  Jas'marieé: You never heard of World's Dumbest...? This is the funniest show besides Tosh.0!

  Prince: I'll be the judge of that.

 * * *

  [1 Hour Later...]

  Prince: (on the floor laughing) This is too funny! Do they only make criminal episodes?

  Jas'marieé: Naw...They have ones with brawlers, daredevils, inventions, jokesters, outlaws, drivers, on.

  Prince: True Blood might have to be on hold.

  Jas'marieé: (laughing) Well you're in luck because the new episode of this comes on tomorrow.

  Prince: ready for the doctor?

  Jas'marieé: No...I'm afraid of the results...What if I'm pregnant, Princeton? I'd have to give up everything...including you.

  Prince: Me?

  Jas'marieé: Not in a literal sense, but like dates and hanging out. I'll miss it, you know?

  Prince: True...but after you think about it, little you and me will always make us one forever.

  Jas'marieé: You're right...You know what you always do?

  Prince: What?

  Jas'marieé: Make me smile.

  Prince: You know what you always do?

  Jas'marieé: (smiles) What?

  Prince: Make me h—

  Jas'marieé: If you even say what I think you are...

  Prince: I was gonna say you make me happy, you big freak. (smirks)

  Jas'marieé: Oh. (blushes) Awkward....

  Prince: (pulls Jassie onto his lap) Not really.

  Naty: You lil nasties...(walks in with Shay, Brittany, Malaysia, Biz, Prod, and Ray)

  Jas'marieé: (Ray Ray shrug) Not my problem you guys are obligated to watch me and him.

  Ray: Nu-uhhh! Don't be swacking my shrugs.

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