You don't know what you started...again

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A/N Woah, I didn't think people would acually read this, but gracias for doing so. ;) Yes, it has pretty crappy grammar and..spelling...English..basically but hey, it's my method for getting out of writers block for the other Vampire Knight stories that i've written. So um, I hope you enjoy it? Don't Enjoy it? I don't know. (umm I'm going to stop typing ;)) OMG GUESS WHAT TOmmorow's my Birthday...for all who don't care YAY

~You don't know what you started...again.

I managed to make it in art, with 20 more minutes left. Mrs. Lauren was busy on her computer not bothering looking up at who came in or who came out. She was probably too busy with her own artwork to teach us anything on how to draw. I slipped into class, no one gave me a single glance. Right, at the entrance of the door is a metallic drawer where all the students portfolios are placed. I took out my charcoal drawing that was suppose to be a reality it looked like stick with lines sticking out.

Yes, i'm horrible artist. I won't deny it!! I bet you're wondering why the hell I'm taking art, If i can't even draw a simple tree? Well, I took all off my required classes and I had no credit for art which i need to graduate. Nearly my whole schedule is filled with art like art design, art history, art II, then what's left of my junior classes. Hopefully the end of this year my drawing would look more decent than these disgraceful stick figures.

I sat next to one of my closest friend, Antonio, who sat closer to the back of the room. He was gifted with caramel skin that girls in this small town would skin him for it. He pulled out out a chair for me to sit by him. "I know you like to be late for this class, but I really thought you wouldn't come." He said his face completely relaxed once he saw me.

"Yeah, I thought I wasn't going to make it either...I ran into some trouble on the way here." I said grumbling the last part.

"What do you mean?" He asked completely stopping what he was doing on his awesome work of dragon.(compared to mine, it like a five year old against leonardo da vinci) I gave him all the details about these guys that were in front of my locker and the small fight that went on. He cringed when I told him when I hit him in his precious jewels.

"Damn Sammy, that poor dude isn't going to produce any kids in his future!!"

"Poor him? Poor me! He pulled my pony tail and tried to make me lick his shoes" I exclaimed.

"Oh yeah..." He chuckled. He such a sadist. Freshman year, he stole my lunch from locker, leaving me to starve for half of the semester!! How he knew my freakin combination. I'll never know -.-

"Hopefully, I won't see you in a body bag before lunch; Estephania and Maria aren't funny without you" He said shading in the dragon while i scribbled.

"Hey, my friends are fun-

" What.The.Fuck. are you doing to your paper"He gaped.

I looked down at my paper for the first time. It was no longer a tree...was it ever even a tree to begin with? I let out a frustrated groan. I GIVE UP!! If i keep messing with this shitty art piece, it's just going to get worse and worse.

"You're disgrace of art! What's that even suppose to even be" He pointed at the horrible figure.

"A tree." I said simply as if it was the obvious thing.

"That looks what i shit out in the toilet" He laughed.

"NO IT DOESN'T! If you squint your eyes, it doesn't look like poo. It looks like a tree!!" I snapped. I may not be that great of an artist but i have the right to defend my work!! He squinted his eyes, and then final closed them. "They're now i can see the tree...with my eyes close" He said howling in laughter.

....Why am friends with this evil bastard? The world may never know. Just like in the tootsie roll commercial. Does anyone remember that commercial? How many licks does it take to finish tootsie pop? As I was in my thoughts, the bell rang like bullhorn crashing my imagination of tootsie rolls and candy.

"Well, lets head to Chemistry class" He said finally as he put down his coal black charcoal. Chemistry, one of my worst classes, I don't understand particles, I don't understand the elements or bother to memorize the periodic table. But do you know who just loves CHEMISTRY , Antonio.

We ran up the flight of stairs to second floor, turning left to Mr. Sanchez class. Once I arrived to the door I calmly walked in. We were the first ones in the class, because Antonia wanted the lab table closer to window. Why? Well, I don't know honestly. He said something the beakers and fire thingy work best. After that, I tuned everything out.

Student's slowly started filling the class with the same glum faces I had when I got in this horror classroom. Now I can tell you how class was and how Mr. Sanchez went on about Elements, combination, and that good stuff. But I'm hoping you're like me and don't listen a damn thing, and pray to God that you have friend who simply enjoys this cruddy subject.

So after, 20 minutes of his tedious lecture about safety, we can begin our experiment. Before I could touch one of the chemicals, a smack came to my hand.

"What the hell!" I whined.

"No, No, No. No touchy" He swayed his finger left to right.

"But aren't we suppose to pour the acid into the that cup!"

"Obviously, you weren't listening as always. You have to pour the water into the that cup before you pour the acid" He demonstrate as the acid mixed into the water. "Would you like to know why?"

"No." I huffed.

As Antonio and I did our chemistry lab, Jennifer came to our table. She and I don't talk and when we do, nothing really good comes out of it. We were great friends in middle school but as usual high school changes people and I wasn't surprised. She was being constantly asked out during freshman year but she wasn't getting asked out by the real guy she wanted, Josh. (AKA that douche bag that tried to make me lick his shoes). So I guess hanging out with me was causing her to seem undesirable?

"Hey Antonio, can you help me on how to do the experiment" She asked sweetly as she ignored my entire being. This is why Antonio is my best friend. He's not like most of the guys in school who would do anything just for Jennifer 's attention. He didn't bother looking at her and turn to me. "What do you say, should we help her?" He asked with sense of sarcasm in his voice.

"Hmm, I'm not so sure, remember last time, when we asked her for help for that project we did for World History and she totally blew us off and were up till the break of dawn to finish it?" I said tapping my chin mischievously. Me, Antonio and Jennifer were paired in that class, and even when she promised to help us with 10 page paper about Greece. She never done it while we were busting our butts doing all the work and creating a replica on one of the important building in Greece.

"OH yah, that nearly slip my mind, thank you for reminding me Samantha. The answer is NO" He grinned.

Jennifer's face went sour red. Can her face get any red? Apparently so... "OMGOSH CAN'T YOU GUYS GET OVER IT! You like doing that kind of stuff. It's not like you guys do anything on the weekend!" She yelled causing all the students to look at us. Sadly that's very true Jennifer, I don't do anything on the weekend, during that weekend Antonio, Maria, Estefania and I play Mario and watch horror movies but WE COULDN'T DO THAT BECAUSE WE WERE DOING FREAKIN PROJECT.

Antonio held his nose making it sound like stereotypical nerd voice " Well you see, because of your failure to attempt to help us in our work, We lost exactly 50.99% of grade average. Now, we'll never be able to go to Harvard and be ugly whores like you"

I bursted into laughter as laughing tears fell down my face but I wasn't the only one that was laughing, so was others in the class. Her face was no longer a shade of red tomato but dash of pink of an embarrassment.

"You don't know what you just started" She sneered as she went back to her lab with her exact replica of friend.

"Hey that's exactly what Josh told me in the halls" I thought.

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