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You prolly wonder how I got the name Heartless. Shit. Maybe you don't but I'll tell you anyway.

When I was a young blood my big brotha used to take me with him on his drug runs. Moms was on crack cocaine so she didn't care where I was. My brotha practically raised me.

One night, when I was 8 years old, he stopped in front of a house and looked at me.

"Arigh Lil Lucas. It's time to start bein a big man. I'm not gone be around foreva and you gota learn how to feed yaself." He leaned over and grabbed a strap out of the glovebox and handed it to me.

A young nigga was scared. I had seen guns before but never actually held one. Or used it.

"Now look Lu. We gone go in hea and take everything these niggas got cause they stole from us and we don't play that shit okay? I need you to have my back lil man. Don't be scared. You gota be a man. Fearless Relentless and Heartless."

I stared at him then back at the gun and nodded my head.

"Come on lets go." he pulled my hood up over my head and pulled his up too. We ran over to the house that was 3 houses over from where we parked.

He busted in the door and shot the 2 guys guarding the door twice each. My brotha was called 2Shots in the streets cause he would always hit twice.

As we went deeper into the house people started scattering. Naked women ran past and drugged out junkies tried to get away as fast as they could.

My brother grabbed on of the girls and held a gun to her head "Aye Bitch. Where is Ladarius?"

"I-i dont know!!" he pressed the barrel against her temple even harder.

"Tell me now before we see ya thoughts on the wall. WHERE'S HE AT BITCH?!?!"

She was crying. I felt kind of bad for her but I had to remember what my brother said.

"He's downstairs!!!"
"Thanks love." he smiled and kissed her cheek. He let her go and proceeded to the basement. He looked at me. "You ready?" I swallowed a lump in my throat. "Yeah man lets go."

He busted the door open and shots rang out. All three of Ladarius's men fell to the ground but he was nowhere in sight. There was money and drugs all over the poker table.

"Aweee yeah. This what I'm talkin about babyboy." We grabbed our backpacks and started loading the cash in mine and the drugs in his.

All of a sudden a shot rang out and I ducked under the table. 2shot fell to the ground holding his leg. He was bleeding out and fast. He looked at me telling me to stay under the table.


Ladarius walked over to my brother and kicked him in his injured leg.

"Ahhh. Shitt. I'm just takin back whats mine nigga."

"Yeah right nigga. Aint shit yours once it enters this house. Now its yo time to exit." he pointed the gun at my brothers head.

"Put it down!! NOW!!" I tried to gather as much bass in my voice as I could. I pointed the gun to his head. Trigger finger ready.

"You brought a kid with you 2shot? That's low even for you. What he gone do? Kick me in the shin?"

My hand was shaking and sweaty. If I was gonna make a move it would have to be now.

Ladarius turned and looked at me. He had put his gun down but knowing him he had another somewhere close.

"Go ahead lil man. If you a real man then do it. Shoot me."

He looked me in my eyes. I had the barrel between his.

"Pshh boi. You just a lil scared pussy boi like yo daddy was."

My blood started to boil. "What you just say nigga?" Nobody...NOBODY talks shit about my father. He died being the greatest to ever run this game. He had earned everyone's respect.

"I said ya daddy was a PUS...*bang*

He fell to the ground. A perfect circle right between the eyes. My brother looked at me and tried to get up. He pushed up on a chair and wrapped his leg in his shirt. He grabbed me and hugged me. "You done good youngin'. Thats how you be heartless. Yeahh thats it. We'll call you Heartless lil man."

We gathered up the rest of the merchandise and left stepping over dead bodies and crack heads. We saw the police coming as we were leaving. They never show up on time. A murder is just another day in Detroit.

As we drove my brother looked at me. He could tell I was shakin up a bit. He ruffled my curly hair "Aye man. We gone be arigh. I promise."

I looked at him and nodded. From that day on I wasn't Lucas anymore. I was Heartless.

Hey everybody. Welcome to my short Heartless

Obviously A Different Breed has mad it to 1k reads so congrats and thank you to everyone who reads it.
If you haven't read it yet go and do that. It has Lucas Coly in it also as a character named Alonzo Briggs. And its pretty juicy 😀

This will probably be my only authors note but I just want to say thanks for reading and enjoy this short story.


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