Alternate Ending 3

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Also takes place after chapter 50, but Yoongi doesn't pass out.


"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit." I rushed out as I paced back and forth in the hospital hallway. Jimin's parents were sitting on a bench outside his room.

We were waiting for him to get back from the ER, because they were doing some kind of blood transfusion thing on him.

They managed to restart his heart.

"Please." I whispered to no one in particular as I stopped my pacing and grabbed both sides of my head. I wanted to scream.

The real agony was waiting.

I had no patience.

When the doctor showed up to his parents, I immediately walked over and listened in.

"He made it." The doctor said, smiling. His parents started crying. And relief flushed through my body.

Jimin was alive.

And I was so happy in that moment, so thankful that life's game decided to let me have a win for once.


Jimin wasn't awake when they brought him back into his room. I stayed by his side though, waiting for even just a stir of his body.
What would I say when he woke up? Would he be able to speak?

Would he be the Jimin who had trouble talking to people or would he be the Jimin that I knew?

It was a couple hours later when he finally opened his eyes, squinting at the sudden brightness in the room.

It was late at night and his parents were there with me.

"Jimin?" His mom called out, and Jimin turned to face her, a smile playing at his lips.

"You're okay!" His father said grabbing his hand and rubbing his thumb over it. I smiled at the sweet moment.

Jimin missed his parents so much, and now he finally had them back.

He turned his attention towards me now and fear struck me. I didn't know what to say, so I just watched him. He gave me the same look he always would, my favorite smile on his face.

"Yoongi." He said quietly and coughed.

"Water?" I asked grabbing a glass of water that we had prepared for him. He nodded and I let him drink from it.

"A miracle, isn't it." He said, looking at his parents and then back to me.

I nodded, agreeing with him.

I picked up his hand from the bed and intertwined it with my own.

"I love you." I said, kissing our intertwined hands and smiling at him.

"I love you too." He responded, and I was so happy that I could say those words without a worry in the world because now, I had Jimin for good, and I didn't plan on letting him go anytime soon.


Graduating from high school was a huge step for my friends and I.

Jimin had to stay back because he practically missed the whole school year.

Which wasn't necessarily true, he did go to school with me most days. But nobody knew that.

Jimin, his parents, and my parents were at the graduation.

I reconciled with my mom and dad shortly after Jimin woke up.

They apologized for everything and things slowly began to get better.

I was set for college life now. Hoseok and I were going to the same place. Jin was leaving, so was Namjoon.

I wondered if their relationship would be able to last with the distance between them.

Taehyung and Jungkook were also going to the same college, just not mine.

I was going to a college that was close to home though. Not because I didn't want to leave, but because it was actually the college I wanted to go to.

Though I wasn't able to see Jimin everyday, wake up with him by my side everyday, sleep next to him everyday, I still managed to see him often.

We had so much work to do, and there was even a month we went without seeing each other.

But, we were together, and we were happy.

Jimin was better, he felt so much better about himself, about other people.

The Jimin that woke up was a mixture of the Jimin I knew and the Jimin everyone else knew. It was fun to learn about the new side of him that I didn't know before.

I was able to take him out and show him off, even if I got a few weird stares from certain people when we were out in public holding hands.

We accepted the fact that people wouldn't accept us, but fuck them.

If I had him I didn't care about what anybody said.

My parents were skeptical about my relationship with Jimin at first, but they got over it and welcomed the idea of having a son in law instead of a daughter in law. Their words, not mine.

We often had family dinners and it was nice, just to have the people I loved around me.

The start of a new era, I thought.

And I could definitely get used to it.


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