Chapter 28

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The next thing I was aware of was a warm sensation from beneath me and a bright light from above me. I couldn’t move, and if I tried to shuffle where I was lying, I would feel a painful sensation from my right arm and my left leg.

I felt like I had been sealed in a block of concrete that had completely dried out under the sun and was plastered to where I was. I didn’t recognise the smells, the slight sights or the presence of the people around me. Nothing.

My vision was blurry – to blurry to see. The only thing that I could make out was the light about me. And even then it was still a guess as to what it actually was.

I was aware of the presence of others around me, and I could hear the faint rumble of people talking quietly in the safe room wherein I was.

Needless to say, I was terrified. I couldn’t remember anything and had no idea as to where I could possibly be, or how I got there.

I couldn’t even remember the last place I had been.

They hadn’t seemed to notice that I was awake, and so I made a slight groan to alert them of my arousal. I tried my hardest to shift in movement also, but it was no use. I became decidedly aware of something that was also wrapped tightly around my leg.

Fairly soon, people started to rush over to me and surround me bed, fumbling around with something close to my bed.

The longer for which I was awake, the more my vision returned and I began to see clearer again. That was made even more better after they pulled open my eyelids and shone a light into my eyes.

As they did, the masks around their mouths became visible to me. I was in a hospital.

At that revelation, things started to resurface in my mind as I began to recall the events of the last thing I could remember.

My dad had been exposed with Wednesday, and I had run off. As I got hypothermia, I began to stumble and fell off a ledge. I had been left for dead.

I couldn’t even believe that I was in the hospital – that I had been found.

I knew that rescue services were only deployed if someone was reported missing, and it was of low chance that they all reported me as missing in time to save my life.

“Charlotte? Charlotte Sanders?” the doctor spoke. “How many fingers am I holding up?”

“Three” I managed to croak realising that, not only did I have a series of subsequent ailments; I was also hung over to an incredible degree.

“Well, she’s responsive now” the doctor announced before going back over and filing something. My head was banging at an incredibly slow, dull pace and I didn’t know for how long I could stand it.

“Excuse – excuse me…but what is going on? Where am I?” I managed to whisper to her as she stood next to me, continuing to do whatever it was that she was doing.

She walked back over to the side of my bed and began “you were found by some hikers – it seemed that you had fallen over a ledge. And you had hypothermia. It was pretty severe and most likely induced by the amount of alcohol you consumed. Your blood vessels were dilated and you were losing heat rapidly.”

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