Chapter 28

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Bella drives us to an unknown area and I furrow my eye brows.

"Bells. Where are we going?" I ask and she jumps in excitement.

"There is this new boutique ran by my aunt's best friend Cathy Calvin. She will help us find the most new and best gowns for the ball. So we will be the 'exclusive girls'." She says and I laugh at her enthusiasm while Carly smiles. We stop at a small but fashionably designed place. We step out of the car and into the boutique.

"Hello young ladies. How can I help you?" A lady greets us as we three are looking around. The place is ethnically decorated with dresses and gowns everywhere. Its actually very spacious on the inside contrary to its outwards impression. I look at the lady. She looks in her fifties yet she looks beautiful and is dressed in a classy manner. Her hair is put up in a sophisticated bun which makes her look more professional.

"Hello mam, our aunt Debra has sent us here. I am Carly and she is my twin Bella while this is our best friend Samantha. She must have told you we have a ball at our school." Cary explains politely and  the lady claps her hands.

"Ahh. So you girls are the darlings. I am Mrs. Cathy Calvin and I promise to dazzle your ball with the exclusive gowns I have here. They are all designed by me." She says proudly and Bella is literally bubbling with excitement and anticipation. Mrs. Calvin starts to show us around. First Bella and then Carly pick up a few gowns and rush in the trial rooms. Bella tries a lot and by a lot, I mean a lot of gowns but none pass her approval test. After what seems like ages she comes out with a happy squeal donning a black, lacy dress which has a plunging sweet heart neckline with thin single straps and laced sleeves. The dress has a horizontal cut in the front and the dress extends beautifully at the back. The materials plumps at her waist, highlighting her slender figure and her shapely legs. She never wanted a full length dress so this seems perfect for her.

"Woah Bella you look amazing!" I comment and she nods in happiness while finalizing that one for her. Next Carly tries a couple of colors out of which a beaded white gown catches our eye. It is an off shoulder piece with again a delicately carved sweetheart neckline. It clinches at her waist slightly and then flows down into a fish tail style. Carly looks stunning and we are all rendered speechless. Maybe this ball is not that bad of an idea. We agree on that one for her and its then my turn to try out.

I just pick up two gowns that seem the most attractive out of which I finalize on a dark blue one.  We three pay our bills and exit the store in the most cheerful state. Bella then drops me at the hospital. I meet mom again but find her sleeping when I arrive. Dad instructs me to go home and I comply. I glance at my covered dress in the back seat of my car and then begin my journey home with a smile.

                      I reach school next day to find even more gushed talks about the ball. Almost everyone is talking about their 'ball dates' and the dresses they will wear or the hairstyle they will put up. I also come to know that the masks would be given to us when we enter but then that is the most obvious thing. 

"Hey Sam." I hear  someone call me as I'm walking in the hallways towards my locker. I turn around to find Zack standing there, with his hands stuffed in his pocket.

"Hey." I say back and we both walk towards each other.

"Soo..are you coming to the ball?" He questions and I nod.

"Yeah yeah I am and I was about to tell you that- you can escort me." I say,releasing a breath. He smiles wide and I smile back.

"Okay so I'll see you then." He says and I nod, starting to walk away. I remove my books from the locker and move to my first class. I can't wait for school to get over so that I can go back to mom. Life perfect. But there is just one thing bothering me. I reminiscent the events of that night as I take a seat in my Math class.

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