"I'm being kinder than you know

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"I'm being kinder than you know. The others, how much do you trust them?"

He came over and sat on the adjacent ordinate chair fiddling with his fingers, and he looked away and back again. So, strange and at odds with how he was, but an hour before it wasn't huge, small changes here and there, as to exactly what it was that changed was too subtle. He wanted something, need to stay on guard.

"Far more than you." She rapidly blinked while inhaling.

"What's with you?" Shifting in the chair she crossed her legs. A trick it must be, he's trying to get the upper hand! That's why he's acting so well, sane.

"I know you aren't all that pleased with me at the moment."

She frowned. "That's an understatement, care to try again?" Not going to fall for it, ha.

"I'm to sit and listen to some blather about why you did all this?"

"Everything you've been told is a lie." He pushed his palm near her face. "let me finish before you reply."

She nodded. Can't do anything else now, anyway.

"You and your people have been lied to. Unnamed is not what you think he is. He wasn't always like he is now, I'll explain that later."

"Tell me now, or don't bother. Didn't Rush say that-"

He waved. "He didn't cause your people to lose their immortality, or turn to barbarians gone berserk; the Undergods did. You know them as the Dark-ones."

"That's a bunch of-"

"Silence quit interrupting." His eyes narrowed.

Her brows crinkled, and she pinched the bridge of her nose. "Fine."

Before he could reply there was shouting from below, and screams.

On getting up, Kar pushed her back down. "Stay here." He left the room, going down the stairwell behind her.

Following him, the noises were louder down there.

Kar shouted below: "-Down here now.

She padded over to the stairwell entrance crouching on the first step, hiding in the shadowed side. The walls rough with exposed brick dotted with pegs and chains that dangled from them. Part of the stairwell shook and fissures crumbling under her feet, she hopped to the side hanging on the banister. What kind of lousy craftsman made this? A cloud of dust blasted from below filled with grit coating her face, she blinked it away.

Flickers of light shone through, exposing a nasty shadow of a large creature or object. More of the dust settled and showed it was busy in a corner chewing on metal bars, a cage perhaps. On the left a broken doorway, light crammed through the large cracks. Shouting out to both would have the creature zero in on them. Olenus wouldn't take them away. No. Not yet. She tugged hard on a loose wisp of hair while scanning the room. Alright then, think. Parcival wouldn't be outside as he wouldn't leave Han, getting rid of him was impossible. Need to get Han away from the creature first.

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