Chapter 7

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Alicia Clark.

While laying in the truck I think about the beach today. Things used to be so simple so easy. Wake up , spend a hour in the bathroom getting ready, go to school, come home get the homework done, help make dinner, call my BF (who is now probably dead) then go to sleep and then repeat.

I remember when I was younger i loved the beach me and my family went there all the time.

Although growing up means spending less and less time there.

They say you remember the little things in life. And it's true.

One time when I was around thirteen me and my family went to the beach and everything seemed so simple.

Me and my best friend Mia went to get something to eat and we were on a higher elevation and before we went to get the food we turned around and looked at the people on the beach and I remember thinking

All of these people have lives. We all do. We all go our separate ways in life but we're all the same in ways we live the same life. We are born. Then we grow. Then we make mistakes. Then we try to fix those mistakes. Then we die. Some of us live a complete life and others spend too much time looking for it.

It feels different now. When kids well IF kids our born in this it will throw the whole routine off. How could anyone be happy in the world we are living in now. Trying to survive every minute off the day and worrying about how to make it. Can anyone be happy ?

~ Elyza and Alicia ~Where stories live. Discover now