Little Brother

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I remember the day
that my parents brought
Eddie home.
I had only been nine
at the time,
and he had been
a quiet little three-year-old
with the biggest brown eyes
I had ever seen.

It had been a little like
coming home to find
that your parents
had bought you
a new pet.
When my older siblings and I
had arrived home from school
that afternoon,
my mom had been
playing with little Eddie
on the floor in
the living room.
It was a sort of
for us to find
our middle-aged,
obviously Spanish mother
cooing over a little
dark-skinned boy
as if he was
her own son.
the three of us had
immediately run over
to adore the tiny new human
who had appeared in our midst.

"I didn't know
you babysat,"
Eunice had remarked
at some point.
"Whose kid is he?
He's awful cute."

In an instant,
my mom's expression
had changed from one of
a lovestruck fool
to that of a
proud parent.
she had replied
with a kind of happiness
that I had never seen
from her before.
"Girls, Matthias,
this is your
new brother,

In the following day,
we had come to the conclusion
that a name like Edward
didn't suit the newest member
of our family
in the slightest.
Eunice had claimed,
sounded just cute enough
for this precious baby boy
we had been blessed with.
And then she
belatedly had realized
that the rest of us
should have nicknames, too,
because all of our names
had to match Eddie's
in its level of cuteness.

For herself, she had immediately
claimed the moniker
of 'Euni' -
and thought it was perfect
until Matthias had pointed out
that it sounded a lot like
what people often called
a university.
"If you want to be called
by a name that's so similar
to Mom and Dad's workplace,"
he'd laughed,
"be my guest."

"Oh, yeah?"
Euni had immediately retorted.
"I'd like to see you
come up with something better."

I will."
But after a few moments
of thinking
and leaving his mouth
hanging open
on an empty thought,
he'd just sighed,
and our sister had laughed.
Soon after,
the two of us had
joined in as well.

"Now for you two,"
Euni had said
after we'd all caught our breath.
"What would fit
you two?"

We had all thought
in silence for a few moments -
but finally, both I
and Matthias had
opened our mouths
at the same time,
and had said in sync:
Then, we'd paused,
looked at each other,
and burst out laughing again.

"I like it!"
Eunice had protested
rather loudly.
"But you can't both
be Matty.
Matilda can be Matty,
and Matthias can be...
That sounds about right."

Matthias had asked
a little dubiously.
"Why not Matt?
Thias sounds like
some kind of disease..."

"It does not -
and anyway,
it's too easy
to mishear Matty and Matt
and get them mixed up.
Thias is adorable.
And so is Matty,
and Euni
and Eddie.
Now we all
have cute nicknames."

And though Thias had still
seemed rather put off
by his new name,
and had kept up his bickering
with Euni for the moment,
the names had stuck,
and Eddie had quickly
been adopted into our
already rather large family
without a hitch.
Those moments are probably
some of the fondest memories
I will ever have
of my family,
and definitely ones that I
will never forget.


I really wanted to write about Matty's family because they're cute af and I love her siblings to death;;; We'll see more of Eddie later, but he is an adorable little black boy with a heart of gold and I really wish I had a little brother like him ;3;

If you guys liked this chapter, I would love if you would vote and leave me some feedback! It would be much appreciated, and I'd love you forever. Just sayin'.

Also, just a quick question: which of Matty's siblings is your favorite so far? Mine has to be Eddie, as previously stated, but I love them all a ton, honestly.

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