Depression Kills

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Its a hard thing being depressed. Everyone always brushes my pain off with 'Oh, your not depressed, your just over thinking.'. Well no. I'm not. I know i'm not. This is what every single day of my life feels like to me.

Dark shadows of evil are dancing in my heart.

Shredding at my mind and insides, tearing me apart.

Ripping, choking, killing me.

Tearing out my eyes, so I can't see.

I'm told the world is beautiful.

All around is gold.

That's a lie, and whoever said this was a fool.

I only see ruins, rocks, dust, and everything is ice cold.

Pain striking at my soul, breaking me in half.

While I suffer, others pass, having the nerve to laugh.

I cry out for help each day.

Wishing hope would come my way.

I doubt I will survive much longer.

Not if my sorrow gets stronger.

Skin turning pale from tan.

My eyes are dull, grey and bland.

Lips cracked and used no more.

What's the point in speaking when no one cares anymore.

My walls are up now

Locking me inside.

With the shadows all around.

I've finally lost my light, and here is where I lye.

My depression makes me suffer greatly. Even small things like a smile trigger a frown from me. I don't like living my life like this. Its cruel to those around me. It makes me angry, sad, and confused.

I'm angry because it feels like i'm the only one in the world with this aching pain in my chest. I'm sad because I feel alone, like no one else on earth understands me. Not my family. Not my friends. No one.

I'm confused because I wonder why this is happening to me. Whats making me like this? Why am I the only one to feel this way about the world? I shouldn't be having thoughts like these but I can't stop the fact I am. I want someone to talk to, yet I don't want to speak with anyone at all. I want someone to hold me and tell me its alright, but I don't want to be around anyone. Its ironic how I need these things yet don't want them.

In every darkness, there is a light.

Shining through the clouds so bright.

It takes away all the pain we feel.

Gives us strength, right until.

We get our own.

Learn to walk.

Spread our wings.

Start to talk.

Begin to sing.

It stops when our lives begin.

Then comes back to us, right before we end.

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