Preference #8- Your dared to kiss another band member

Niall: You and the boys were all scattered around in the tour bus when Louis had an idea. "Lets play truth or dare!" he says and we all agreed. You took a seat next to Niall when Louis asked you, "Truth or dare, (Y/N)" he asks and you answered, "Dare." His face grew into a creepy looking grin, so you knew it couldn't be good. "I dare you to kiss...Zayn!" he says and your face fell. "Are you crazy!.I have a boyf-" you were cut off by Zayn smashing his lips on yours. "Dare completed" Zayn says pulling back from your lips. "Your turn" he says like nothing happened. "Um, right, truth or dare?"

Louis: The boys were all over and you had no idea what to do. "How about a round of truth or dare" you suggest and they all agreed. "I'll start" Liam says. "(Y/N), truth or dare" he asks. "Dare" you said with a slight grin on your face. Liam was the good one. He wouldn't do anything bad. "I dare you to kiss, Harry" he says. "Excuse me!" you say. "Its fine babe, but don't you DARE slip in tounge!" Louis says to Harry. "I won't, now come and get it" Harry says patting a spot next to him. Just as you were about to get up, Louis pulled you back down. "I don't like this dare! Who's next?"

Zayn: You had just got back from work when you realized the boys were over. "Hey boys" you say putting your purse down on the table. "Hey (Y/N), your just in time. We were just about to start a game of truth or dare" Harry says and you smiled. "Okay then, who's first?" you ask going to sit by Zayn. "You, so (Y/N), truth or dare?" Harry says. "Dare" you answered. "I dare you to kiss the person on your right" he says with a smirk on his face. You turned your head towards a blushing Niall. "We don't have to" Niall says and you shrugged kissing his cheek. "That doesn't count!" they all yell except for Zayn and Niall. "Hey, you didn't say the lips, so therefore, it counts" you say and Zayn laughed. "I love you!" he mumbled pulling you into his chest. "I love you, too!"

Harry: The lights had just went out and all the guys were there. "What are we going to do?" you ask sitting on the couch. "Truth or dare!" Niall says excitedly. "Alright then, (Y/N), truth or dare?" Zayn asks you. "Dare" you say. "I dare you to lay one on Louis" he said and your eyes snapped out of their sockets. "What? No!" you protested. "She is NOT kissing Louis!" Harry says kind of angrily. "To bad, its a dare" Zayn says and you groaned. "Fine, but just a quick one" you say quickly pecking Harry's lips. "Last time I pick a dare" you muttered to yourself before slapping Zayn in the head.

Liam: You and the boys had just got back from a concert and didn't know what to do. "We can play truth or dare" Liam suggest sitting on the long leathered couch. "Sounds good, (Y/N), truth or dare?" Niall asks. "Dare!" you say excited. "I dare you to kiss me!" he says and you shrugged. "Okay" "Wait!" Liam screams. "You wanna kiss him?" he asks kind of upset. "Its a little peck, and don't worry Liam, if you be a good boy, we'll do some fun things tonight" you whispered in his ear. "Go ahead!" he says all happy now. "That's my boy" you say before kissing Niall and returning back to your boyfriend.


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