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You and your boyfriend leondre from bars and melody have been together now for a year and yes you love him so much. your dad didn't like him ,you didn't know why you didn't let it get to you. You asked Leondre to came over because your mom was at work and your dad was as well.
You heard a knock at the door you knew who it was you opened the door "hey I missed you" you said in excitement voice Leondre looked at you and said "y/n we need to talk" he blurred out with sadness. You let him in and you both went to the living room and Sat down you sat next to him "what you wanna talk about" you ask leondre with a smile on your face "y/n
I think me and you are not working out I think it's time to break up am sorry " he explained to you " what why I thought we were good what happened" you say a bit worried "your dad hates me y/n he doesn't want us to be together so I think It will be for the best if we break up" leondre says in a soft voice by this time you were crying you didn't know what to do you were sitting there in tears. Leondre got up and stood in front of you and said "am so sorry I know you don't want this but your dad is not going to stop until we are over so it's better to do it now rather than later" he said looking at you straight in your eyes "please don't leave me I love you we can work it out with my dad please don't leave me" you say as you were crying "am so sorry I have to go bye y

" leondre says and turns and walk out of the living room you run and stop him from opening the front door" please y/n move out of the way" he says look down "no please don't go" you cry"I have to am sorry bye y/n" and leondre left leaving you heartbroken.

2 hours later you dad is home and he sees you on the sofa crying still "y/n what is wrong why ate you crying for "well you can answer that" you shout your dad looked confused "what do you mean y/n" your dad says so confused well you know my boyfriend well my ex boyfriend now broke up with me" you angrily say " why the fuck did he leave you see I told you y/n he would hurt you" he says "are you kidding me dad it was because of you, you hated him and he thought it would be best to do it now than later he left me because of you I hate you I will never forgive for this" you shout and run up stairs in to your room and burst out into tears.

hey guys this is my first one so if it's boring sorry I didn't know how to end it and please don't give hate I would love if you could give me some ideas that would help thanks and tell me if I need to add any or for next time.

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