Chapter 6

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I stood there awkwardly as Kells walking towards me with a smirk on his handsome face. I looked away not able to handle the reality between me and him.

I didn't realized that he's standing right in front of me with a frown on his handsome face. I was just wandering around the third floor when I saw him. "What's wrong, angel ?" He asked with concern.

Did he just called me "angel" ?

"Hmmm... Kells... Can we talk ?" I finally said. He observed my face then finally nodded. He lead me to one of the room in there and it turned out to be a bedroom. How cliche. "Are you hungry ?" He asked awkwardly. Why he's being so gentle to me now. Its just bringing back some memories of him... of us.

"Nah I am good. I just want to say sorry for ran away" I said. He shrugged. "I know you would do that though. Nobody want to be trap with me" he said casually. I gasped.

"Its not like that. I ... I just don't want to make things more complicated between us" I said truthfully.

"Our baby passed away along with your brother and you're being a coward for walked away like that. Don't you know that ?" He asked now in angry tone.

I gulped.
This wasn't what I imagine when I said I want to talk to him. "I am sorry" I whispered.

He laughed. "Dont be cause right now there is no way you can run away from me" he said. I looked away for few seconds. "Don't you think I am stupid ? I will not let you be with someone else even if you don't want me... My parents dumped me, my friends betrayed me and I killed them all but you? I will never hurt you but I will tied you with me ...forever cause after all we're both now alone in this world" he explained.

He is right. I am alone now. Carson's family aren't mine. I wish someday I could create my own family. I looked away and blinked away the tears. I haven't cry for our baby for so long. I forget the fact that its not only my baby but kells's too.

"And your little friend...Julia... She dared to help you escape" he gritted his teeth when he spoke her name. I looked at him and my body become tensed. "What are you doing to her ?" I asked now stood up. He shrugged and smirked.

That smirk.

"I killed her" he spatted.

"Nooooooooooo" I screamed. "Tell me its a lie ? Please tell me." I begged to him. He turned around from me. His back facing me.

" two years ago I was weak but now you're in good hands , I will never let you runaway from me. Ever" he said. His voice held his promise. I began to cry more. Its not Kells that I know.

He's changed.


When I wake up, Kells no longer in that room. I was broke down and Kells held me till I fell asleep but as usual he always left me after that.

My mind replaying the conversation between me and kells earlier and he is right. I don't have anyone. All I have is myself and him. He is all I know. Yes I have made a choice to stay with him. I need to be there with him maybe this time he won't have trust issues again.

I smiled then went to the bathroom. I freshen up a little bit. I glanced at the clock and its already three am. I wondering where is kells ?

I walked down the stairs to the second floor where I heard some grunts and moaning.

"Ahhh yessss right there....." The girl moaning.

"Fuck !! I am coming!!!" The guy grunts.

I am praying in my head "please don't be machine gun Kelly" I can't bear the thought of him with another woman even though I still don't know about my feeling.

I walked down till I am in front of the room where I heard more sounds of moans and grunts.

"Yes Ace .... Right there baby" the girl said.

Wow Clara ?
Now that I listened to that voice, I knew its Clara. But who is Ace ?

I was about to open the door when another hand caught mine. I looked up and meet with Travis's face. He shooked his head no. But why ?

He grabbed my hand and lead me to another room far away from that room.

"Its Clara" I stated.

He sat down in the sofa while I sat down across from him. He nodded but didn't say anything again. "Why you always defending her ? She is no good" I said.

Travis looked at me and sighed. "I am sorry for what I said earlier" he said. "Its okay Travis. I know you didn't mean it" I said.

"But I told you the truth about Kells, he's changed since you left him. He is greedy for power and money" Travis said. This time I glared at him. "Stop saying bad things about Kells" I said before realization hit me, Travis was right. Kells seems different.

"He killed the nurse that was helped me escape" I said. Travis nodded. "Love fooled us you know... Its seems we can't think straight. Its seems like whatever they do something bad, we'll see the good in them" Travis said.

I am confused by his words. I am sure I still have feeling for kells even though I won't admit it but why Travis seems understand. "Travis ... Are you ..." I was stunned by my own words. I want to ask him but I am not sure if he's gonna answer.

He nodded in confirmation.

"Yes Selene, I fell in love with Clara but she doesn't feel the same way" Travis said then looked away. I was frozen in my place. I don't know what to say.

In every books I read or the movies I watch, the good girl always fall for the bad guy but Travis's story is the other way around. Sure he is in a gang. But he is a good person and I know it. Even Kells counting him as a brother.

He loves Clara. The girl was banging someone named Ace few rooms from here and Travis was here confessing his feelings. I was shocked. "Travis.... Are ..serious ? I mean its not like. ..I " I started but I don't know what can I say to him.

"She said she is no good. She said she is a whore. The funny thing is for me she is my princess... She is amazing woman... She is just scared and I will make her believe in me" he smiled.

I swallowed the lump in my throat. "Travis you know I care about you... I just don't think... She will change" I coughed to erase the uncomfortable feeling. Travis sighed.

"Love makes us do crazy things, Selene" Travis said.


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