Alternate Ending 2

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This takes place after chapter 50, exclude the last chapter from your brain.


When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed of my own.

I passed out.

My parents were in the room and I had a raging headache.

"He's awake!" My mom gasped and hit my father's arm.

"Ah, Yoongi. Do you want water?" He asked.

I nodded, feeling how dry my throat was. He held a glass of water up to my lips and I drank from it.

My mind was still fuzzy and I was still processing everything.

"Yoongi. About Jimin..." My mom started and my eyes widened, suddenly remembering everything. I was ready to jump up.

"Relax, son, relax." My dad said, rubbing my shoulder.

"You didn't tell us about him, you know." My mom started. "But, I get it. We never gave you the chance to."

"We'd like to apologize Yoongi. We've noticed for a while now that what we were doing was wrong, and the guilt builds up everyday. We just haven't built up the courage to confront you about it yet, because we're scared of your resentment towards us." My father continued.

I still wasn't able to speak. Not because my throat was dry or anything, but because I actually didn't know what to say. I had been waiting for them to come to me, acknowledge my existence for over a year, and now, here they are by my side in the hospital, seeming like they actually give a shit about me.

"Getting the news that you were in the hospital was a huge wake up call for us. Thank god you're alright." My mom said, tears streaming down her face.

I felt some tears down my face too.

And then I could speak.

"I can't forgive you so quickly–"

"We know. Take your time. We'd like to be much more active in your life now." My father said, smiling.

Then my attention was thrown back to the most important matter at hand.

"Jimin?!" I asked, trying to get up from my bed again, but my dad settled me back down.

"Woah, Yoongi. He's okay. The doctors saved him. He's okay. He's alive."

And then I felt more tears as a wave of relief filed through my body.


"They managed to restart his heart. Did a blood transfusion too. But the poison did have lasting affects on him." My mom said.

"What lasting affects?" I said, sitting up. My father didn't push me down again. "I have to go see him, I'm fine, I feel fine, I was just in a bad state of mind. I need to go–"

"We understand that he's your boyfriend, but your health comes first. You can't leave till the doctor dismisses you."

"Mom!" I groaned. This was unfair.

Jimin was alive.

After we were both so sure that he would be gone, he was alive.

"Go back to not caring about me? Please? For like the next two seconds? And then pretend like you didn't know where I was going?" Yoongi practically begged.

My parents sighed and nodded. I didn't have any iv connected to me since I really was fine.

I got out of bed, thankful that no, they didn't change my clothes into some hospital gown.

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