Chapter 1

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*Normal P.O.V*
It was a normal day at the guild.Happy,cheerful, and loving. Well,until a certain white haired take over Mage came into the guild.The Mage said "Everyone I'm back!!". With confusion still written on their faces Mirajane and her younger brother were in tears.Then the rest of the guild took a good look of the Mage and then burst into tears,then the whole guild ran to her and hugged her.Leaving the blonde celestial Mage curious with the water Mage and two dragon slayers confused and curious. Then after the big group hug Master yelled out "LETS HAVE A PARTY TO CELEBRATE OUR FAMILY MEMBER'S RETURN!!" with the guild replying with a "AYE". During the party Lucy went up to Lisanna and said "Hello I'm Lucy Heartfilia, a Celestial Mage,who are you?"  "I'm Lisanna Strauss,a Take-Over Mage,nice to meet you!" said Lisanna with a smile.Then Lucy said "Oh so you are Lisanna, your sister told me many thing about you." Lisanna was happy that her family was happy even though she wasn't there with them. After they introduced themselves to each other Lisanna and Lucy became best friends.After 12:00 the party was still going on so Lucy decided to go home.

^Timeskip to Morning^
*Still Normal P.O.V*
Lucy woke up at 7:00am to go to the guild. After she got up, toke a bath, brushed her hair, had breakfast, and brushed her teeth she went to the guild.

~The Guild~   *Still Normal P.O.V*
Lucy entered the guild to see everyone passed out on the floor except Lisanna and Mira. With a smile on her face Lucy said" GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!". The Strauss sisters turned, smiled and said "Good Morning Lucy!!". Lucy asked them if they needed help cleaning . They said sure ,so Mira passed Lucy a towel to clean the tables.

~A Few Moments Later~
After cleaning up the place everyone started to wake up. Later in the night they were still partying for Lisanna's return home. That continued for 2 months.

{3 Months Later}
❤️Lucy POV❤️
I was coming back from the Dragon Realm. I was happy to know that I finished my training with the Dragons,Phoenixes,Wolves,Fairies,Gods and Goddesses,and all the magic in the universe even lost magic. I had become the Queen Of All after I was walking the woods and saw a dragon and she said my mom was the Queen Of All before she dies. The guild didn't even notice I was gone. It has been three months. Three fuckin' months! After the second day Lisanna came back from the 'dead' everyone has been avoiding me except my true friend: Wendy, Charle, Happy, Pantherlily, Gajeel, Lauxus, Evergreen, Freed , Bixslow, Mira, Lissana, Gildarts, Romeo, Master, and Gray. It still hurts me that every single day I have to deal with being called weak,slut,hoe,ugly, and fat. I was once about to leave the guild but I couldn't leave my true friends behind like that so I stuck around. But the most pain is that the guy that I loved with all my heart, Nastu, avoids me.

~Next Day~
*Still Lucy's POV~
When I woke up I did my daily routine. Then I went to the guild, came in said "Good Morning everyone." with my fake smile but got no reply. After that I went to the table I sit now sit at in the far back corner. There I saw my true friends Wendy talking to Charle, Happy trying to get Charle attention(Senpai notice me😆😂), and Gajeel talking to Pantherlily, while Gray is fighting with Natsu. All was normal. So then came Lisanna so I started talking to her we were laughing and smiling when(the fire nation attacked😂) Natsu was coming. At that moment my heart went into a million pieces.

~To Be Continued~

Hope you guys liked it. It's my first book so please be nice. I still have ideas about the further for this book.I do not own Fairy Tail or Blue Exorcist.

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