Chapter 1

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10 years ago

Narrated by older Ella

Daddy was leaving again, "NO! DON'T GO DADDY!" I hollered clinging to his leg, making my usual fuss. "Come on Ells I'll be fine, I'll be right back if you guys are attacked." "BUT YOUR GOING TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLOBE!" Which wasn't usually true, but it still felt like it.

Eventually Mommy pulled me away. Daddy smiled at us "don't worry Ella, I'll bring you back a present." He said before leaving, I had a lot of presents from his trips, but I never looked forward to the presents, I looked forward to Daddy's safe return.

As Mommy tucked me in I asked her the questions I always asked when Daddy went away. "Is Daddy going to be ok?" "Of course he is" "are we going to be okay?" "Yes we are" then Mommy hummed me my lullaby

I soon fell asleep.

Some time later I was awoken by loud banging and the front door crashing open. I grabbed my cell phone and headed to the stairs. "I'm sorry may I help you gentlemen?" "We're here for your daughter" "wh-" BANG! The bullet to Mommies head quickly ended what she was going to say.

Sensing danger I ran managed to get through the back door and was on my way to the forest to my safe house. While dialing Daddies phone, "Ell-" "Daddy Mommy's dead and now they're after me!" "WHAT! Where are you Ella?" "Going to my safe house" "alright get there and stay put untill I call you kay?" "Kay" I said already opening the door.

Closing the door I quickly locked it and ran deaper underground untill I reached the basement, locking all the doors behind me before turning on the lightbulb in the basement.

It was maybe 2 hours before they found me. I didn't go with out a fight, I landed at least 5 good punches and kicks on both of them, before they drugged me with something that knocked me unconscious.


Groaning I sat up, the beatings from trying prevent the murder of a 5 year old still hurt. Thankfully the last beating is today. I thought sitting up considering changing out of my sleeping clothes, then deciding not to.

"Get dressed" my personal 'guard' ordered me. " The mistress wishes to speak to you." Glad the beatings were over for now I got dressed.

Reaching the 'office' the door was shoved open. "All the way back" C1234 (my guard) told me. "I'll be right here." He said leaning close enough for me tell what he had to eat last night. "Jeez! C12" I said using the nicknumber he hated. "It's not like I'm going to escape again." "Just go A1."

I smirked a little knowing whose number that used to belong to. Before whoops! She was killed by an arrow. I walked to the veary back, where no one was except----the ones who've failed and we're to be killed. The smirk slid right off my face.

I knocked hesitantly. "Come in A1, we don't have all day! You need to start this mission right away." With relief I entered and got my first look at the mistress, who looked like Mommy a little.

She smirked at me, "Ella, do you think I would let my niece be raised by a goody two shoes hero. Oh by the way I'm your Aunt Ella." I stared at her untill I realized she was Mommies lost sister.

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