Hey old friend

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Today was a boring day. I just sat on the couch watching TV. Aaron was at work. Same for the girls. The boys were out doing something. Zane was visiting his mom and dad. So I was alone. I was watching Once upon a time when the door bell rang. "Really. And it is a good part"I sighed. I got up and paused the show. And ran to the door. When I opened it. I was surprised to see him. "VYLAD "I yelled. "APHMAU "he yelled/laughing. I hugged him and he hugged back. "It's been to long"I smiled. "It has. "He said. "Come in"I said. I sat on the couch and he sat by me. "So how you been"I asked. "I have been good. Seen a lot of places. But it was time to come home. "He smiled. "Well what you doing here. Shouldn't you go see your brothers. Zanes at your parents. So shouldn't you see Garroth "I asked. "NO"he yelled. I backed up. "Sorry. It's just. I haven't really been on my own"he said. "Uh...dude you been all over he world. Who went with you"I said. "I mean. My parents gave me that money. Garroth gave me a lot more. And well Zane was kinda ok. He sent me a a little cash when I really needed it. And then never heard from that guy again"he laughed. "Ok. So what are you doing here"I asked. "Well...I was kinda hoping if I can move in for a while"he said. "Of course. But we only have the basement left. "I said. He nodded. "That's great. I won't live here forever. It's just until I make enough money to buy my own place"he said. "Stay as long as you like"I smiled. I got up. "Want dinner"I asked. "Totally. "He got up. We raced to the kitchen and made dinner. It was fun.

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