Ten Fifteen.

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Vaughn and I shake  hands, "Your ass is grass little sister

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Vaughn and I shake hands, "Your ass is grass little sister."

I smile sweetly, "Is your ass jealous by the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth?"

The laughter around me gets louder, and Vaughn glares at me. Good ol' sibling rivalry. I smile at him again.

A clap sounds behind us, "Let's roll!" Vin yells.

"I'm gonna tell Ma we're leaving." I run into the house, "Ma!" I yell and walk into the living room, where both my parents are. My mom is knitting and dad is in his recliner passed out with the paper on his chest. She looks up as I enter, "Why you yellin'?"

"Sorry, I didn't think he'd be asleep. We're leaving." I walk over to her and kiss her on the cheek.

"Be careful baby girl. I love you."

"I will, promise. I love you too."

She pats my cheek and waves me off. You'd think, 'Yeah right.. A mother just lets her children run off to a racing track?' My father raced when he was younger, and that's how my mother met him. She's well aware of the dangers, and we've been around it our whole lives. She's educated us, and my father taught us all how to drive. I was driving stick at the age of 14! It's safer to be in a controlled environment than racing on public streets, which is something we don't do. Most people can't judge, hunting is a very big past time around here too. Fathers teaching their children to shoot riffles at a very young age. We all have our own opinions.

I run back out into the garage, and grab my helmet off the shelf. Taylor is jogging away from Jeremy's car, she climbs into the passenger seat of my car as I get into the drive seat. One by one, the guys are starting up their cars, the combining sounds of each car's exhaust is deafening, I absolutely love it! Goosebumps spread across my skin. I start up my car, my exhaust adding to the loudness. No doubt my father is awake now. The guys are turning around in the driveway, and I put my car in reverse as Tay puts on some music. I roll down my windows to the let the beautiful weather in.

It takes a good thirty to forty minutes to get down to the track, pulling off the freeway, we reach the first light, I down shift and roll up behind Chase's car. Just the thought of Chase, makes me smile wide. I'm jolted out of my little reverie when Taylor's loud off pitch singing scares me, and I laugh. I look over at her, she kicked off her flip flops and has them up on the seat. She pulled her hair back awhile ago, but she's playing with her long pony tail and staring out the window. She continues to sing..loudly..horribly...and she could care less.

I turn my attention back to the cars in front of me, the light has turned green and the cars are moving. I shift into first and coast forward. We reach the small town that's right before the track. I love this town, it's literally a mile long. Little businesses set up on each side. A post office, a small mom and pop's store, a laundry mat, and at the end a diner with amazing homemade food and pies. The town locals are all big racing fans, and the track is their money maker. It brings people in from all around.

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