Ball Game.

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This Girl Was On Top Of Me I met earlier in the Club That night And I was Fingering Her . I was Kissing Her Neck while She Was Digging her Fingers In my Back  .

" Jay " She Said .

" Yeah " I Said. 

"I Love You ." She said .

" Uhh " I said . I didn't know what to say . I ain't love that hoe!  that was my biggest fear.  saying or hearing "I Love You" from Hoe .

"I said I love you jay " she said .

The buzzer went off 72-28

* Locker room *

" Yoo Jay that 3 point was crazy as fuck son ".  nicole said clapping.

"Bruh ni you wasn't bad choself " I said looking down .

"wassup witchu " nicole said coming towards me .

"nun wanna hit the club tonight? " I said throwing my clothes in my gym bag .

"hell yeah, imma meet you there at 11 ight. " nicole said giving me some dap.

" ight shorty .bring yo sis " I winked leaving out the door laughing .

" Ayee stop hitting on my sis! " she said laughing.  

I went home took a shower . and chilled out on the couch.

*Someone Knocks OnThe Door *

It was a advertisment person she had a little girl with her  . I love me some chocolate bruh .

*Opens Door *

"Hi,  uhm sorry to disturb you but me and my niece are selling chocolate for her basketball dues . and I was just wondering if .... " she stopped. 

" Faith That's Jazmin Jones! ,  From The Heats " The Little Girl Yelled.

I chuckeld .

" I'm sorry,  her imagination is wild as hell" . she said covering her mouth. 

" lol Naa,  you never heard of me?  I said .

"Naawl,  " she replied .

" ooooo hell naawl . " I said Covering my mouth.

" can I get you autograph? " the little girl said while handing me the paper and pen.

" sure shawty & I want 10 of yo chocolates " I said checking my name of the sales paper .

" so your famous? " she asked me smirking. 

" yeah ma "  I said .

" ahh well if you say so.  " she said walking off.

" wait,  you don't believe me. ? " I said smiling .

" no . I don't aha if you are what you say you are come to my nieces career day.  at Deca Elementary tomorrow.

" I got you ma " I said rubbing my neck smiling . I shut the door watching her fine ass walk away she had brown eyes and long hair I mean she ain't have no booty but she was still beautiful .

Phone vibrates .
Its Nicole .

Nicoleman I don't think I can make it . I'm tired asf .

me: its koo maan,  I am too .

nicoleight bruh .

I laid down on the couch and heard somebody knock on my door . ... it was brea . My ex girlfriend.

hey babyshe said .

yoo man what the fuvk you want .?  I said shutting the door .

you baby I miss you . she said kissing meputting her small ass hands on my abs .

I kissed her back and laid her on the couch .

take yo shoes off and come up to the room . I said while walking to the  bedroom. I heard the door knock again .

Jaayyy! come here  .  brea said yelling from the door .

I came to the door it was the girl from earlier .

Hi,  uhm can I talk to you in private. she said .

yeah come in . I said guiding her to the kitchen . it was raining and she was soaked . I gave her a towel and we sat down .

maan,  I'm bout to go jay . you fuvkin round . brea said .

I'll hit you up later ight . I said closing the door . I came and sat by her .

so wassup . I said

uhm,  I'm a stranger to you but I really need your help . she said putting her head down .

yeah ma . anything . I said putting my hand her thigh .

my girlfriend. she said .

wait you gay?  . but continue... I said .

she .... she's abusive . she said lifting her head.  she had a scar under her eye .

yoo . bruh let's ride get in the car . I got up and gave her a Hollister jacket and I threw mines on and we got in the car. 

whea dis hoe live?  I said . she led me to the house . I knocked on the door and she went in there and got her clothes her girlfriend wasnt there . so after she got her stuff we heading back to the crib after grabbing some apple bees. made her laugh all night .  i was digging this girl her name was faith griggs . she got cold and came on my side of the table and cuddled for a min I mean I kinda like the fact dat she ain't bring up my career . but we got home and we laid down and watched a movie in my bed room and she fell asleep and I took her  jeans off and I gave her my shirt and I cuddled with her till the morning .

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