~*Chapter One*~

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Zane's POV:

I was finally moving in, to my new home. I had already put all the boxes in the house, next thing to do was figure out where everyone else lived. I knew Aphmau, Katelyn, and Kawaii~Chan were living together. Then Dante, Garroth, and Laurance, were living right across from them. Note to self: stay away from the house across Aphmau's house. Rumor has it (RUMOR HAS IT, DUHHHN, RUMOR HAS IT, DUHHHN!! Ah.. Song references..) That someone else was moving with them since they couldn't pay rent or something.. Garroth probably bought too many feathers again... Anyways, truth be told, the new guy is.. T-Travis.. My old High School crush.. But ever since I saw him flirting with girls nd getting out of his shell, I've just been more shy. Just kept people away. So I buried my feelings for him deep in my heart.. Hopefully he doesn't remember me.. So he knows not to drop by my house.

Travis POV:

I finally got all my boxes in my new "room". Which was really the basement, but it felt like a master bedroom since it had way much more space than the guy's bedroom. I already had furniture and appliances in there, like my bed and TV. All I had to do was put up my posters, and put away my clothes. Yes I have posters, don't judge. I went up the stairs to the first floor, technically, and chilled with the guys. Just watching the manliest movie there is. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS! (Fault..? Fate....?) Of course, not sharing my popcorn >:3 or tacos.

Zane's POV:

I went to my neighbor's house on my right and found out it was that guy who always wore a red or black hoodie, from school. Surprisingly I actually still remembered him. He then told me that right across from him was Brendon, next to him on his left was Aphmau and the girls which meant right across from them, was THEM. Great, just great. Travis and the guys were two houses away. And worse part is that Garroth is with them. He might tell them that I've moved here.. Uhg, well I'll just ask Aaron if he can help me. We weren't exactly friends yet, I mean we knew each other. And we were somewhat pretty close, but not close enough for secrets.

Travis POV:

I had already ran out of popcorn during the first 30 minutes of the movie. So I went to get more and brought a blanket from my room, since I'll sleep sooner or later.

Zane's POV:

So I asked Aaron & Aphmau to help me. Aaron was great help, Aphmau seemed slightly more talkative. Like if she wanted to become better friends, but, to be honest Aaron was more of a good friend. After a while Aphmau left, and it was just me and Aaron with the last two or three boxes. So after we were done with unpacking, we started watching a movie.

~*Small timeskip, to when they finished Da movie*~

Zane's POV:

I was starting to fall asleep, then realized I was on Aaron's shoulder. I didn't care, so I just kept sleeping.

Aaron's POV:

I noticed that Zane fell asleep, and had accidentally landed on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him slightly closer. He was so cute, and mysterious.. Too bad Travis said to back off.. Oh well.. I pulled him even closer and started to fall asleep myself.

~*Another time skip*~

Zane's POV:

I woke up and realized that Aaron had wrapped his arm around my waist. I quickly got up, away from his grasp, waking him up at the same time. "W-why di-did you do th-that?!" I said, stuttering like a fool. Even though I had no affections for him. Not. One. Bit. "S-sorry! My actions took over without thinking..". I sighed, "Its fine.. But its getting late, you should really get going home." "Yeah... It is getting late.. Huh..? Well bye Zane." "Bye Aaron" and with that he left, closing the door behind him. I went to sit down on the couch and started watching the first show that I saw, which was Black Butler. I then suddenly heard a knock on the door. Please don't tell me its Aaron again.. I thought to myself, but when I opened the door I found the last person I wanted to see..


Word Count: 738

Hope its long enough (don't think dirty) if not tell me. Anyways, based on a few clues you should know, that the person was Garroth. Lol. Cliffhanger and spoiler. So now.. I shall go to my corner and start waiting for hate comments, on how terrible or okay it was XP halp, I have nu lifeah.

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