[27] White Moon Tales

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Sebastian woke to an empty room. For a few minutes, he lays in his bed staring at the ceiling. Everything was back to the way things were. He didn't hear anything, and so, he assumed he was the only one in the house.

Like always. He was by himself.

He threw his covers back, and swings his feet over the side of the bed. Looking around, he huff out a breath. He felt better than he did a few days ago, yet he didn't feel better.

Things feel different now. He was different now.

Listening, he didn't hear anyone moving around the house in the slightest. Elizabeth wasn't here, he knew, yet he couldn't help hoping she was downstairs taking a nap. Instead, she was most likely off doing pack stuff. Stuff he wasn't allowed to do because his own grandfather wanted to kill him. He couldn't even have his own sister to himself for a whole day. It was always her leaving and coming. Always busy. Sometimes to busy for him.

Yet, that's the way things was. Always was.

Elizabeth had told him that he wasn't a noisy baby. That he the only time he cried was for food, which she than made a joke about. Staring at the ceiling, Sebastian thoughts wanders to times where he was scared, and Elizabeth wasn't there to comfort him. He remembers hiding under his bed, clutching a teddy bear she had given him. It was during those times where he didn't feel alone, like someone was watching over him. Something bad and ugly. A million times he wished Elizabeth was there with him so she could chase the scary things away.

Emerging from his bed, he walks around the end of his bed, thinking about the way so many things has changed over the last few years. Walking into the hallway, he heads for the bathroom. His mind a clutter of thoughts.

What now?

Walking into the bathroom, he flips the light switch and continues his march towards the sink. At the sink, he turns on the water and cups his hands. He drinks several hand fills of water and looks at himself in the mirror. His throat feels dry, even after drinking the water.

"Who are you, Sebastian?" He asks his reflection.  "What are you?"

As if answering, red rings appear around his brown irises. Sebastian's brow creases. You are a monster. That's right. You can't fight. What's the point of fighting when no one wants you? No one, but your sister.

Lifting his upper lip, he sees his sharp fangs morphing into human teeth. He next lifts his shirt over his head. He sees his chest, which looks to be growing hair. Moving his hand across his chest, he could feel the semi-hard muscles slowly developing.

"Who are you?"

You're someone who isn't wanted around. Someone that must hide. People want to kill you because you are live. You are a monster.

A monster.

Elizabeth wants you, but she's only saying that because she has to. She's your sister. Sisters are supposed to want you. To like you.

What happens when she goes with Kane? Would she leave me behind? Don't want to take care of me anymore. It isn't fair. Why should I lose the only person who cares about me? Why was I ever born if no one wanted me? Why? What is there for me to do in life when I'm a monster?

Stay hidden. Yea, I could stay hidden in my own little house. No one would bother me. I could do what I want, right, if I stay out of sight?

Who am I kidding?

Why should I have to hide? Oh right, my own grandfather wants me dead. Well, I bet I could outrun that old man before he could even think about catching me.

Sebastian frowns at his reflection, and leans forward, placing his hands on the side of the sink. He turns his head from side to side, examining himself.

It won't matter anyway. Elizabeth said to stay here and don't be seen. If he haven't found me now he's not going to.

What would happen if he did find me?

Sebastian knew the answer.

I must get stronger. Like Kane. If I can defend myself than I can protect myself and Elizabeth. She won't even have to protect me because I'll be able to protect myself.

Make him go away.

But killing is wrong.

The words of the vampire he met in the alley comes to the front of his mind. He looks down into the empty sink.

I'm part vampire. I have the right to fight. A hunter. I can become a hunter. One that's so good that no one can catch me.

Looking back up, he sees himself glaring. With his hands back on the rim of the sink, he gazes at himself.

"What am I?"


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