[26] White Moon Tales

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During the afternoon of the next day, Elizabeth takes a walk with Kane. Kane has finished his work for the day, and Elizabeth has caught him on his way home. They walk along with the sounds of nature as their own private music.

"Tell me, what is the Great Elizabeth up to now?" Kane's arm brushes against hers.

"Well, it's nothing short of what you can expect from me." There was a laugh in her voice.

"I should have known you were up to nothing good."

"Come on, I'm not always like that."

"Oh, you can wish." Kane chuckles and Elizabeth playfully hits his arm. Only after his chuckles quiet down did Kane spoke next. "But seriously, I do want you too know that I plan to take a job in the city, working in a car garage."

"Really?" She looks over at Kane, eyebrows arched.

"Yea, you remember my dream."

Elizabeth looks back ahead. "You wanted to be a mechanic, so you can build your own car."

"Right. And with the little Mom gets from her pension, she can't support me very long and I refuse to let her go back to work."

Kane's mother received a monthly pension from her late husband's retirement. After serving in the army for fifteen years, he retired with full benefits. As the story goes, when he returned home to the pack, he met Momo and the two found something deep in each other. They had a strong bond right from the start that several of the elders referred to their bond as the old myth of bond mates or the bond between two werewolves fated to be with one another upon directly eye to eye contact. In other words: love at first sight.

"I gotta say: I'm happy for you. Guess that means you will be busy."

Kane turns to Elizabeth and takes her hand in his. "I might be busy, but I will always make time for you when you are home."

"Kane--" Elizabeth shakes her head no. Pulling her hand free, she walks forward a few steps and climbs a hill to sit down.

"What's wrong Elizabeth?" Kane comes and takes the seat beside her. His legs was crossed and he faced her.

Lowering her knees, she faces Kane, who mirrors the seriousness in her own face. "I need to know: Are you with me?"


"Because Sebastian will always be apart of my life. And, I will be doing some things that you might disagree with."

He takes her hands in his. "Elizabeth, there's not much you can do that would drive me away." He tilts his head to the right, slightly. His eyes narrowing a little. "Unless you dump me for that flamboyant vampire."

That brings a smile to her face. "Oh, and what would you do if I so happens to run to Chirpin?"

"I'll catch you and tie you up, and make you say you're mine." He crosses his arms over one another.

Elizabeth snorts, "You can't make me say anything."

Kane pokes Elizabeth in her side, earning a giggle from her. "Is that an invitation to a tickle fight?"

"Kane, stop. No." She swipes at his hand. "Don't tickle me. I'm trying to have a serious conversation with you."

"You brought up the vampire."

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