[25] White Moon Tales

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The next day, Elizabeth heads towards her grandfather's office. Today was the day she would get the acknowledgment she has been wanting for some months now. After handling the annual meeting of the alphas and becoming the pack's official negotiator, she felt she deserves more than being treated like the Alpha's granddaughter.

Upon entering the leathery smelling room, she gently closes the door behind her. Her grandfather sat behind his desk hovering over an open folder. Always busy-that was the number one thing Simeon Cobalt is known for. A strong leader in both mind and body, even in his olden years. It was his reputation that allows him to continue leading for so long.

"Where have you been Elizabeth?" Simon didn't look up, instead he waves for Elizabeth to come closer. "We were suppose to go over and speak with the China and France wolves."

"Grandfather, we need to talk." She stops directly in front of his desk.

"Oh, about?"

"About me staying in my current position or not."

That single statement was enough to bring the cold stare to Elizabeth's face. He seem to gaze into her eyes for several seconds as if he was trying to decipher the thoughts in his granddaughter's head. In one swift motion, he closes the folder and leans back in his chair. "O'course you're going to stay in your position, you must."

"Not if you don't agree to a few terms."

"Terms?" His eyebrows twists upwards.

"Yes." She folds her arms over one another. "I've finished school, and I think it's time you treat me like the adult I am."

"Eighteen is hardly the age to call yourself an adult, Elizabeth."

"Stay with me grandfather." She leans forward, placing her hands flat on the desk. "I want a salary for my job."

"Why? I give you an allowance every week."

"I want to work for my money, Grandfather. I don't want to be treated no differently than everyone else in the pack. Plus, I feel obligated to you when you just give me money."

Simeon grunts once in amusement. "I see. I can do that."

"That's not all. I want to choose who accompany me on my trips." Elizabeth crosses her arms over her chest once more. "And before you ask, I want Adelle and Uncle to accompany me on my next trip to Africa."

He studies Elizabeth for a few seconds and clasps his fingers together over his belly. "I don't think Adelle is good enough to protect you, but I will allow you your choice. You're old enough, I suppose."

"Thank you grandfather." Elizabeth couldn't help but smile at her victory. "Because the next thing I want is a two week break after every six months and one day off during the weekends when I'm not traveling."

"One week after every six months and you get the big holidays off, like Christmas."


"Is that all?" He arches an eyebrow.

"One more." She was quick to say. "I want you out of my love life."

He shakes his head from side to side. "Arranged marriages of the future leader has always been a tradition. A tradition that ensures a strong mate is mated to the future alpha to ensure a strong bloodline and offspring."

"Yes, I know. But traditions are made to be broken, and I want my freedom to choose my own partner."

"No. I won't have it." He leans forward, opening the folder.

"It's either that or I refuse to be alpha." In an afterthought, she adds: "I will leave this pack, grandfather, if I have too."

She knew that her grandfather was a man that believes that his family was destined to rule. Threatening him with the loss of his heir was something he would do almost anything to prevent. But the look on his face wasn't one of defeat. No, she could feel he had something more up his sleeves.

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