[24] White Moon Tales

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A day later, Sebastian's fever was gone. Another day later, and he was on the road to feeling like his normal self. Elizabeth babied him while she could by bringing him all his meals and spending extra time with him. Even going as far as taking time off from her duties to allegedly spend time to gather her thoughts for the upcoming negotiations in the far eastern countries of the world.

It was that second day of Sebastian recovering that Sebastian had decided to voice his thoughts to his sister. Thoughts he'd been stewing in his mind, since waking up two days ago. When Elizabeth walked into his room, he gives her a small smile. The smell coming from the tray has his stomach growling.

"Sebastian, I brought you, tomato soup with bread. Some pot roast, and a brownie, if you clean your plate."

His gaze following Elizabeth, who was making her way around his bed and to his side. "Can't I eat the brownie first?" He shifts into a right angle position.

"No," she was quick to say. "You're finally getting better, and I don't want you growing weak by skipping meals."


He watches his sister carefully places the tray on his lap, and than she untied the silverware from the napkin that was wrapped around them.

"I'm not a baby," Sebastian grabs the spoon before she could pass it to him.

"Fourteen and you're already getting mouthy with me."

Sebastian groan and rolls his eyes. He takes a couple spoonfuls of the soup with his sister watching him. Lowering his spoon on after the third spoonful, he quietly stares into his bowl with images of that night coming back. "Elizabeth...I--I took a life again.

I couldn't stop myself. Kane told me to count my breaths when I felt like I couldn't control it. But that man, he was trying to hurt me or it felt like he was, and I just couldn't stop myself."

"See that is a different situation."

"No. You said if I do it again. I was bad."

"No, I said taking a life was bad, but if you are right about defending yourself: that's a whole different matter, Sebastian."

Sebastian was quiet, thinking over Elizabeth's word, and than he asks: "What's a hybrid?"

Elizabeth looks down at her hand, biting her bottom lip. She knew Sebastian would ask one day, but she never expected that day to come so soon. It was to soon, she thought. "A hybrid, when talking about animals, is a creature that is born from two different animal species. To think about us in that sense, we are hybrids of a wolf and human."

Spooning the soup and tilting the spoon so it's contains would fall out, he tries to figure out how he fitted when he was different. "I have wings and you don't," looking up, he says, still confused.

"Yes, that's true." Elizabeth nods once, and Sebastian lowers his gaze back to his bowl.

"Elizabeth, am I hybrid?"

"Yes," she seems to add after an afterthought, "but so am I."

In a low voice, he says: "Yea, but you're wanted and I'm not."

"Sebastian, that's not true." Elizabeth wonders where her brother was getting all of this. Never had she said anything about not wanting Sebastian.

"You don't even stay around me anymore. I can't hang out with you or the pack. I'm starting to believe no one wants me around."

"I want you." Elizabeth breaths out a slow breath, and tilts Sebastian's chin up, so his gaze met hers. "I guess it's time to have that talk I've been promising you for three years now."

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