[23] White Moon Tales

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'His fever is breaking!'

Sebastian heard an unfamiliar voice says somewhere in front of him, but he couldn't open his eyes.

'Sebastian? Sebastian, can you hear me?'

Elizabeth. Elizabeth, he thought, was calling him. He could only groan in discomfort to her calling.

'Your grandfather will kill him,' the unfamiliar voice goes on to says. 'Because he is a hybrid.'

A hybrid. I'm a hybrid, he seems to think. He wanted to ask what a hybrid was, but he couldn't. His eyes felt like heavy lids whenever he tried to open them, even an inch. Before long, he was out. Like flipping a switch, the darkness pulls him back into its sleepy depth.

Blue skies were the first thing he saw upon opening his eyes. He was flying through the air like a bird. The wind whipping against his face while he flaps forward. He heard a group of birds calling, and he turns his head to see if he could see them.

When he turns to look, he sees a black hand reaching towards him from a split in the sky. The hand was big enough to fit him in the palm. He dodges the hand before it could get close enough to wrap around his body. However, he runs into something.

Extending his left hand, he feels a smooth surface behind him. When he looks up, he finds himself looking up at a giant, paper crane.

The paper bird flaps it's wings.

A image of Simeon morphs right in front of him. Those blue eyes glaring at him as if trying to slice through his soul as if he was ice. Simeon reaches towards him, and Sebastian quickly shut his eyes, afraid.

'I want let you harm my brother!' He hears the one voice he knew that would protect him. Opening his eyes, He looks up to see Elizabeth standing in front of him.

In that moment, he felt safe. The angry looking grandfather slowly disappears into nothing right before his eyes. Next, he felt Elizabeth's arms wrapping around his body. Her warmth was a welcome thing as he leans into her touch. Even though his eyes were once again closed, he could hear his sister's distant voice once more. Soothing his tired mind.

'You're alright, Bastian. Keep resting.'

He found himself answering her. Telling her that he would do like she said, but his words came out in a low jumble of words that wasn't clear. He felt himself drifting more and more into the darken void of his mind.

It wasn't long before he awake to the dark. The kind of darkness that came when one was feeling lost, and in the darkness came faces. Familiar faces in which Sebastian could attach a name and voice to. The faces seem to float by him, only to surround his head, for he was just a head floating in the dark.

'He's a monster!' Kane face was one of anger. The glare on his face startled Sebastian. 'A monster-a dangerous monster!'

'Shouldn't be alive,' came the voice of his grandfather.

The head of the vampire he met in the city floats closer to him. A smile on his face. 'Because I was once a street urchin like you.'

'Sebastian!' Elizabeth's head floats in front of him. Sebastian found himself reaching out to her. He even went as far as to run after her head, which drifted away the more he got close.

An than, he sees his sister on the ground bleeding. Confused, he took a step towards her, only to notice his bloody hands. He jump back, but than was pushed aside by Kane.

'You hurt Elizabeth!' Kane shouted to him, making Sebastian shake his head and look turn away. When he turned, he found himself looking in a mirror. His fingers and mouth were bloody. One look at Elizabeth showed the open gash at her neck as if someone pulled her flesh away. Sebastian felt sick.

'Sebastian!' He looks up to see Elizabeth's head floating around him, calling to him. He covers his ears with his both his hands.

'Because you hurt Elizabeth.'

'I find you-draining her! Draining her!'

Everything seems to grow quiet. Sebastian opens his eyes, which he had shut closed a few minutes ago. He sees Elizabeth standing a few inches away from him. A light seem to shine down on her and his body. Relieved that the voices had stopped, he took a step towards her, only to see his sister took a step back. Elizabeth turns her back to a startled Sebastian. ' You hurt me. You're nothing but a monster.'

This shocks Sebastian, bringing tears to his eyes. He didn't understand. Running towards her, he watch her grow smaller. He called out to her, but it was like she couldn't hear his voice.

'I don't want to take care of you anymore.' She grew smaller and smaller. A single tear run down Sebastian's left cheek as he stop running. Watching his sister disappear forever, he calls her name once more.

'Don't leave me.' His voice sound quiet to his own ears.

'Monster.' That one word kept repeating over and over, growing in sound. Sebastian begins to run. The direction didn't matter so long as he could get away. Get away from the voices. He ran and ran. A deformed wolf standing on it's hind legs appears in front of him, causing him to come to a abrupt stop. The monster roared at him and slashes its claws. Sebastian makes a quick dash in the opposite direction.

'Shouldn't have been born.'



'You hurt Elizabeth!'

Sebastian ran on. Somehow, he trips over something. Falling to the ground, he groans in pain and wipes the tears that fell from his eyes.

'You're alright, Bastian. I have you.'

Elizabeth's voice came again from that distance place. The darkness gave way to light. He felt warmth instead of cold. Curling up in a ball, he felt a warm hand on his forehead, caressing. He mutters Elizabeth's name, and listen to a lullaby she humbled to him as a young boy. In this one moment, he felt safe.

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